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NICK APPEARANCES.....Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Panty Raid


In the spirit of tonight's airing of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I thought I would do a little catch up and give my "Behind the Scenes" Blog to accompany my video that was posted on and now here.

I was at the University of Kansas for an appearance when I got the call to do backstage and "Pink Carpet" correspondance for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Two days later, back in Los Angeles, I cut my class short and headed on the 101 to Hollywood. The thought of being with the most beautiful women in the world made me almost get in an accident as I texted about half a dozen of my closest of friends!
I showed up, in my pink polo shirt ready for my assignment. I was to ask the girls just one question: “What is in your lingerie drawer?” Before, I could say “Joe Boxer”; I was whisked to a private room in back of the Renaissance Hotel, next to the Kodak Theater where the models were preparing for the show. Immediately, I run into Karolina Kurkova. I just love pronouncing her name. I feel like a Russian ballet instructor every time I say it. I had met Karolina at another Victoria’s Secret event and she recognized me. We chatted and even did some “dirty dancing” while singing “Sexy Back”.

Once inside the hallowed chambers of the make-up and hair room, I almost felt numb. It was a fantasy come true. From my participation on Season 2 of Project Runway, it was obvious that I adore models. They are, as I said, my muses. Imagine, for me, not just being in a room with models, but with Supermodels. Gisele Bundchen, fellow Brazilian, Adriana Lima, exotic Oluchi Onweagba, they were all there getting ready. I didn’t know what to do other than to want to do a “model walk off” with them. I could not, of course for obvious reasons, notwithstanding the fact that they were busy getting their rollers, hair extensions, and fake eyelashes on,but more importantly, I am certain that there are public decency laws in California that prevent me from wearing Victoria's Secret Pink Panties.

Camera in tow, I proceeded to ask the models my “What is in their drawers” question. Gisele was sweet and professional, saying she likes thongs and lacy bras to feel sexy. Then I spotted “Victor & Rolf” muse, Brazilian Raquel Zimmermann, and congratulated her on her “wedding” to the design duo earlier this month here in LA. I approached several other Victoria’s Secret models, including Izabel Goulart, Angela Lindvall, Allesandra Ambrosio, and got some fun answers to my cheeky question of the day.

The show began with a hot performance by Justin Timberlake. Now, I must admit that I liked Justin’s music but was not always a “fan”. I have always been more of a Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fan. He has been MY Justin when Justin was still in High School! However, after seeing Mr. Timberlake in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performing several of his songs live and dancing his little booty off, well, I was ready to get my “Justin” membership card. I became a 14 year old girl in an instant, screaming and yelling. While seeing the Godesses of Ubermodels work the Swarovski crystal runway, one quickly figures out why these divine creatures make the money they make. They are worth every Euro, or Brazilian Real.
Those "America's Next Top Model" wannabes need to watch this show and take note. I have a feeling most of these girls were born walking this way; there was no need for a class with "Miss Jay".
The After Party was held nearby at The Roosevelt Hotel and before I knew it, most of the cast of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” was hovered around me in conversation. For the rest of the night, I chatted with hottie actor, Justin Chambers and his lovely wife, Keisha, as well as actors, Sarah Ramirez, and Kate Walsh. I discovered that they were all fans of Project Runway and we spoke of having me design them a dress or two. My evening ended going home after I caught myself staring at the Roosevelt pool and wanting to jump in it.
Here is the Behind the Scenes video I did, just in case you missed it before. It will also be in my permanent video section on the side of this blog in case you need a little dose of Supermodel to brighten up your day...(or make you feel more depressed!).

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kimmy said...

Wow!! It's already great that you're watching a Victoria's Secret fashion show. But then there's more!! Grey's Anatomy + Justin Timberlake! Two things that i love love love (besides you of course :) )


Heather said...

No Fair!!! I wanna dirty dance with you!!!!