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Familiar Connection

The word is out! If you haven't heard already, my sister Rita is a contestant on the new season of Survivor: Fiji. I did a posting on which you can read HERE. They didn't make it easy to find on their website, so I thought just in case some of you missed it and wanted to read a little bit about the connection I would give you the heads up. Also, BPR is always on top of it! You can read a few questions I answered for them HERE.
And on another related topic: I ask forgiveness for the double pooka sheel necklaces , the large Turquoise chokers AND the hipster studded belt. This photo is about 4 years old! At least the one shouldered silk dress style my sister is featuring is STILL being ordered by stores! I guess I was a bit "ahead of my time".

4 Responses to "Familiar Connection"

Oksana said...

Congrats to your sister!!
You must be so proud of each other!

& that's a lovely picture of you two. Both of you are so gorgeous.

Did you make that dress for her? it looks so pretty.

Best Regards,

J.S. said...

Mr. Verreos you and your sister look so stunning!

Robert said...

Is that eyeliner? Mary, you look just a smidge made-up! Just kidding. :)

Y'all are both extraordinarily beautiful--and talented too? Ugh, that's so unfair! LOL!

Your sister's the only reason I'm even remotely interested in Survivor: Fiji. I'll be pulling for her!

I predict that to round out your reality-show experiences, you'll both join forces on Amazing Race!

My best from Baton Rouge,


Team-LC!!! said...

I gave up survivor when Ozzy didn't win last season. Now I have got to watch it. You guys have great genes. She's most likely going to be the cutest chick in the cast!