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Golden Globes-Uncle Nick's Fashion Round Up

Until I get that phone call from E! Entertainment to do my own unique post-Award Show "fashion commentary" (don't hold your breath kids, I will not be giving up my "Day Jobs" of designing my line or being an instructor any time soon), I will willingly give my "two cents" review from a "fashion insider" point of view here on my blogspot. It's more cleansing to get it down on "paper" than to vent to David and my tired-of-hearing-me- babble friends.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Now onto this year's Golden Globes' Red Carpet catwalk: My favorite gown was Drew Barrymore's white Grecian-draped column of silk crepe from Christian Dior by Galliano. She redeemed herself (after last year's fashion don't) and got some sound advice to keep her "puppies" up with this strapless gown that featured some gorgeous draping enveloping her figure like a statue. She looked gorgeous; her hair was perfect and she carried the dress well.

Black seemed to be the color of the night. I was a bit disappointed at this, but it is no surprise since by choosing black, they felt safe and assured that they may not end up in those "Worst Dressed" lists, if they had worn, mustard yellow, for example (hello Prince!). Of the black-clad actresses, Penelope Cruz wore the color beautifully. She looked like a Spanish Infanta and Andalusian flamenco dancer all in one, in her black Chanel gown. She somehow always gets it right. Great neckline and silhouette for her figure. "Hola" magazine should be very happy!

Photo: David Longendyke / Globe Photos
La Jennifer Lopez, looked like a Diva! She serves it on the Red Carpet overtime! Really, young up-and-coming Drag Queens across the world are playing her posing over and over again today, for practice. She wore a Sari-inspired Marchesa gown (Marchesa co-designer is Harvey Weinstein's girlfriend) that was unusual and stunning at the same time. She owned it. She gets major atta-girl points from Uncle Nick. She reminds me of those glamorous 1950's actresses I would see in those old Mexican movies my grandmother would watch on a daily basis. Jennifer exudes old-school glamour for 2007.

In terms of color, I think "Ugly Betty's" America Ferrara looked so pretty in her deep violet/royal blue Brian Reyes corseted gown. Great silhouette for her body, accenting and highlighting her lovely curves.
Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Speaking of curves: Hello Helen Mirren ! I think Ms. Mirren's Donna Karan jersey was great. Loved the plunging neckline, and the peek-a-boo beaded chiffon from underneath. She wore the "Grecian-draped" trend well and the gown was perfectly suited for a "mature woman". She didn't go dowdy as most actresses her age might have gone. It highlighted her fabulous upper torso, neck and shoulders. She was a sexy Queen!

Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage
I perked up , after seeing a sea of black gowns, when the pretty Reese Witherspoon walked the Red Carpet in her canary yellow cocktail number. Loved the color, especially against her golden hair(which looked great too). Surprisingly, I did not have a problem with the length. It still looked appropriate for an A-list award show like this.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
I could not speak of the "Best" without a couple of "Misses". One word: Beyonce. I love Miss Beyonce BUT she looked like a Drag Queen in her metallic gown. Momma Knowles needed to re-think this one, I feel. It was just too much, some would argue that it looked like she raided the "Dreamgirls" wardrobe department when looking for a gown to wear. I have a feeling this one may end up in the "Worst" section in those celebrity magazines.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Lastly, Cameron Diaz was a toss-up for me. Yes, she looked like a wedding cake, but the dress was still rather pretty and feminine. I liked the shape and the cinching of the natural waist (another trend), but I would have removed the shoulder tulle accent. I also think that in black or a golden-beige, it might have looked better.

5 Responses to "Golden Globes-Uncle Nick's Fashion Round Up"

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your hits and misses. I thought Cameron Diaz was wearing a slip from a wedding gown with a belt around it. It would definitely have looked better in black without the shoulder tulle. Great calls! Someone needs to hire you to be their stylist for the next award show!

Parisjasmal said...

Oh how funny Nick--I picked Drew as my favorite on my blog too! I also picked J-lo --she looked gorgeous.

One of my least faves was Cameron Diaz also.

We have similiar taste!
Lovely day to you!

misty said...

spot on commentary, Nick! Curious--did you see Heidi Klum's dress from the night?

Also--gotta ask: do you ever check out:

They are hilarious when they snark!

Anonymous said...

camron diaz locked horible in that horise washcloth

Anonymous said...

I loved Drew's and Reese's dresses the most!