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Nick in WWD

WWD is the ultimate newspaper for all things fashion. It is the industry standard and I always tell all my students to put down the Gossip rags and pick up the WWD's!
When I created my clothing line several years ago, I started subscribing and learned more from their articles than I had from any textbook!

Last week I grabbed a few days worth of newspapers (these things come everyday and they are hard to keep up with!) and I was excited to see an article on myself and my Prom Dress Line for Windsor. I met the writer, Khanh Tran, at the Fashion Show I did a few weeks back for my Nikolaki line and I was excited to tell her all the details about the collaboration. I was thrilled that she felt it worthy of printing! Although my Windsor Tour is complete, the dresses are still selling like crazy and the Justina and Ariel have been selling like Bagels (thanks Heidi)!!!
Click on the picture of the article to make it bigger to read.

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