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Christian Dior Fall 2007 Couture: Long Live Le Roi Galliano!!!!

Long Live Couture!!!!!!

Picture this: The extraordinary backdrop of the L'Orangerie Corridor of the Versailles Palace , add some of the most glorious clothes ever made on this planet, and finish it off with all the top Supermodels working it like it's the last day of the month and they got to pay rent!!!!! In one word: Breathtaking!! Linda, Helena, Giselle,Naomi, Amber, Shalom, all together-some out of "retirement"- in one glorious space. It was a scene out of a George Michael video !!! But with the most over-the-top costumes Versailles had seen since the days of Marie Antoinette.

After seeing last season's Dior Couture show, his tribute to Madame Butterfly, I was left gasping for air from the excitement and thought that there was no way to top this. But he did, and then some! To celebrate the house's 60th anniversary, and his own 10th anniversary at Christian Dior and sadly the sudden death of Steven Robinson, head of the Dior Studios and Galliano's best friend. John Galliano decided to concoct a lavish event , with a title of "Bal Des Artistes". Each creation was based and inspired by Gruau, Christian Berard, Watteau, Rembrandt, and Picasso, to name but a few. Who cares that most of these one-of-kind costumes won't ever be worn in real life, except for when shown in the editorial pages of Vogue Italia or by Sarah Jessica Parker at the next opening of a Met Gala. The more subdued designs are back in the Dior Showroom for clients to choose from. They better get those Goyard checkbooks ready, these gowns range from $100,000 to $500,000. This is Haute Couture!

It was difficult to find a favorite look but to me, one of the standouts was his Goya-inspired Mantilla Duquesa de Alba Spanish Diva. Speaking of Spanish, Galliano not only flew in a red-hot Flamenco ensemble to bring spice to his soundrack, which included Madonna (but of course!), but then concluded his already extravagant spectacle, doing his final bow (it was really a runway walk that lasted about 10 minutes!) donned in an over-the-top entirely beaded Matador outfit. Viva Galliano!

To watch the entire show click HERE.

To watch an edited version, click on the link above.

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