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NICK APPEARANCES.....Operation Smile Reality Cares Event

Nick Verreos and Furlesque
Last month, I was invited to an "Operation Smile" event in association with "Reality Cares". Someone sent me this link to their MySpace site, with this lovely photo of me next to what seemed like a fabulous Goodie Bag! Miss Janice Dickinson hosted this event and there were lots of "Survivor" and "Big Brother" as well as "American Idol" personalities on hand to lend their name to this great cause. Love the photo, if there was a caption, it would read :"Here is Nick from Project Runway ,with a bunch of goodies that he didn't go home with..." Maybe Janice got them! Figures, damn! Just kidding, even though you may not believe me, I did not attend the event for the Goodie bag (didn't even know they had one!), I wanted to support this great cause and I respect the founder of Reality Cares and wanted to do this for him.
Below was the original posting...
"Nick Verreos / Project Runway at Operation Smile
How fun is this!!! We got the photos back from the charity event we did, Operation Smile, and there in the stack of pics is NICK VERREOS! Those of you who watch "Project Runway" (like we do) know he's from season two fame and an absolute doll of a human being. He and Malan are two of our most beloved designers from the show…..and here's Nick pictured with one of our Furlesque tees….we're so loving this! "

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Maggie Maki said...

Nick - here it is Saturday morning and I'm innocently reading news while searching around for web stuff about our "little fledging tee company" and I find the post from OUR blog about you and Operation Smile on YOUR blog....should I be mortified? Are you upset? We're one of the little guys who contributed our goods for that great gift bag you never got....and then blogged about it when we saw you pictured with our tee!!!! Do you want me to take the pic down? You are one of our Project Runway "heros" and such a nice guy....comment back or email through our site!