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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on TV Guide Channel The Fashion Team


Last Friday, I was asked to co-host the TV Guide Channel's The Fashion Team show once again with the effervescent Daphne Brogdon. I jumped at the chance since this time I would NOT have to be in full Marie Antoinette's "Dandy Cousin" 18TH Century costume. I would be in my own 2007 wardrobe, thank you very much!
I had a ball with Daphne, dishing on some red carpet fashions as well as TV Show fashions. As in every episode of The Fashion Team, we--the hosts--give the fashions a grade, from A to F. We graded shows (by how pertinent the fashions are to 'real life') that ranged from CSI: Miami(Loved it) to My Name Is Earl(you know I appreciate the Trailer Trash look!). We even graded the first Season 4 premiere episode of Project Runway. Daphne gave it a high grade. I , on the other hand, not so much (I'm still not over those baby doll dresses in a challenge where designers are supposed to 'Bring It'!). We also did a great interview with the Creative Director of LA-based high-end denim brand, Generic Jeans.
The episodes can be seen on the TV Guide Channel, beginning tonight (Sunday) at 7 PM, and in case you miss it, also throughout this week (Monday 12:00 AM, 4 PM; Wednesday 2 PM; Thursday 11 PM). But make sure to check your local listings since times may vary (I sound like a TV ad!)

2 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on TV Guide Channel The Fashion Team"

Anonymous said...

My name is Michelle from FTV.
Is there an email i can contact you at?

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
My name is Carla from Brooklyn, NY. I wanted to let you know that I just adore you after seeing you first on Project Runway Season 2. I love to watch the reruns of your season whenever Bravo plays it because the cast of characters(oops designers) was so original, real, entertaining, and spiteful (can you say, Zulima).
Anyway, keep doing your thing! I did see this episode of The Fashion Team last night, as well as, the web-episodes of 'Dress Like You Mean it' with you and Laura and you were FAB in both! Keep that signature hair and dashing look because that's what makes you soo adorable! And I wrote that like I meant it!