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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Saturn Commercial

While I am digesting last nights episode and preparing to write my recap, I thought I would post about my Saturn Commercial which aired last night. I had such a great time shooting the spot. Not only were the Saturn and Bravo people great to work with, but I had the best time hanging out at DecadesTwo and fawning over all the beautiful gowns! As their bio says, "decadestwo, carries a carefully-edited selection of contemporary clothing and accessories (mostly 1990s to present day) and caters to a clientele seeking a highly unique shopping experience. " Big 'Shout out' to Christos from decadestwo. Thanks for being so accommodating and I will be back to check out more Couture soon!! Click HERE to read my BLOG on Rethinking Design. I write about the design process for creating the TOP CHEF Apron I did last year. And if you watched the Top Chef Holiday Special last night they featured the apron in a fun little gift exchange!

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Anonymous said...

Nick!! The Saturn commercial was the highlight of last night's episode, no joke. I got the chills when I saw that it was you, the camera definetely loves you.

Personally, the more episodes I watch of PR, the more I get frustrated because this season has it easier. They've already done 2 group projects and it's only the 4th episode. They get to have their outfits fitted a day before the runway, and they are given enough time and for some reason STILL can't manage to finish. There's a lot of bad designs going down the runway, but the only thing stopping people from being voted off is that there is always 1 person that has it A LOT worse than they do. I thought Victorya should have been voted off. She didn't want to take the role of being the leader of the group because she knows that the leader is always voted off in the end, so she didn't want to take that chance.


Anonymous said...

God, youu look amazing!


Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Great job on Project Runway Canada!!!
You were so wonderful and I love how you really gave them concrete advice. I did think they would fawn a littl emore over you though....LOL
I guess those Canadians are just so low key! :-)