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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network 2009 Academy Awards Fashion Wrap Video

What does my love for Tilda Swinton, a "Napkin Gown" and a Thief have in common? Well, click on the above video and find out... In case you missed the finale of our last Awards Season Fashion Wrap--here it is!!!! This is the TV Guide Oscars Fashion Wrap which we filmed on Monday, just a day after the Academy Awards. We all had a crazy fun time--like always--speaking fashion, jewelry and hair--and dishing as if we were all at home having chips and guacamole, and lots of Margaritas (even though of course, we weren't). I think this was one of our best and I just cannot wait until the next Awards Season begins. See you on the Red Carpet!

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lorie said...

Hi nick. i just want to say that i really REALLY love your designs ever since i saw you in project runway(i was rooting for you and i was sad that you didn't win).lately, i've been running out of shows to watch so i decided to rent again the second season of project runway.i am again so impressed with your designs considering it happened a few years ago already. but what captured my attention is not just the clothes you made but how you are as a're not just a good designer...i think you're honest and have a really good heart. i live in the philippines and i understand you have your own collection you have any plans of marketing it here in asia? i would just love to be able to buy one of your designs...