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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Interview in EGO Magazine

Nick Verreos: Un Diseñador con Glamour y Estilo!! (Translate that!)Nick In Spanish: Cover of the Fashion/Style News section, EGO Magazine, Puerto Rico Months ago, I was approached by my esteemed friend, Hector Joaquin Gonzalez, whom I met officially back in November at the Bahamas Islands of The World Fashion Week (see photo below). Besides being the Pageant Coach/trainer of the Miss Bahamas Organization, and director and editor of the Critical Beauty and Hector Joaquin sites (which I read ALL THE TIME!!!), Hector is also a writer and reporter for EGO TV and EGO Magazine--a Puerto Rican-based publication with a huge following. Hector asked if I would do an interview for the upcoming April-May issue and of course, I did.San Juan Fierce: Cover of Ego Magazine, April-May Spring 2009 Edition For the magazine's interview, Hector asked me tons of questions. They ranged from what my inspiration for designing is (art, music, 1930's-1950's Hollywood Glamour, my mom at Diplomatic soirees), how I got started (lots of schooling, formal training and about 15 years in the industry), how do I define my line, NIKOLAKI (Glamorous, sexy, Defined Femininity) as well as my opinion on (US First Lady) Michelle Obama's style (fabulous, would love to dress her, if only I could find an email to her "Social Secretary/Fashion Adviser"). Oh, and did I mention it's all in Spanish? Yes, kiddies, I can even do interviews in Spanish! The magazine looks fabulous and is out on Puerto Rican and Miami newsstands, naturally. The article and interview turned out great. He even included great photos of myself, my model Lisa Blades in a chic sequined one shoulder gown from my most recent collection, and me on the TV Guide Network's Fashion Wraps With Lisa Rinna panel. Thanks Hector for the fun interview and congratulations on the issue and I wish you much continued success. I love your blogs and will continue to be a fan of you and EGO as well. Maybe one of these days, I will come to Puerto Rico---maybe to host or judge a "San Juan Project Runway Party and Design Contest"! Now that would be a blast!

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Anonymous said...

I was in Puerto Rico for what they called fashion week. Ugly models , designers collections very bad. P
sorry, you guys need to learn more about fashion.