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NICK APPEARANCES.....Talking With Tami: Nick Verreos Interview

Recently, Atlanta Georgia TV and web personality Tammie Reed of "Talking With Tami" interviewed me for her great "pinktastic" website and blog, She's interviewed celebs from Usher, the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, to Garth Brooks. Oh, and now me. Love you Miss Tami and hope you liked my answers!
On the Carpet: Nick Verreos
TalkingWithTami: Hello Nick loved you on Project Runway! Since the show how has it changed your life? Hi Tammie, thank you so much! My life has changed dramatically since the show. I definitely have to put on my “fashion” seat belt and gotten ready for an unexpected ride! When I did the show, I was designing my line, had done several LA Fashion Weeks and was teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM here in LA. But immediately since being on the show, I began to get calls and emails about appearing on “Style Shows” and give red carpet commentary and be an “expert on E! and TV Guide Network, etc. Naturally I ran with it! I didn’t expect to–in addition to what I already do–to then have this new side life , but I love it and feel very comfortable doing it. Also, now more and more people have been exposed to my line, NIKOLAKI, and more stylists and publicists are requesting my gowns for their actress clients. So since the show, Academy Award winning actress Marlee Matlin has worn my gown to the Oscars, Heidi Klum on the Conan O’Brien Show, Kathy Griffin on the Bravo A List Awards, Tila Tequila on the MTV Movie Awards, actress Shelley Hennig at the Daytime Emmys, and so on. I’ve also recently begun meeting with various production companies about developing my own shows or hosting shows, which is very exciting to me. And I’m in talks with releasing my line on the web, so you can actually purchase my “red carpet gowns and dresses” on line–something on the line of “Demi Couture”–everything will be almost made-to-order. But everything is one step at a time of course.
Style Studio Barn Dance: Nick Verreos and his "girls" on the set of the Style Studio
TalkingWithTami: Nick please tell us about your new show,Style Studio? I was so excited when I was asked to join the “Glam Squad” of hair, make-up and style experts for and its Lifestyle section. It’s called “Style Studio” and I am one of the style and fashion experts. I give great advice to women all over the country on what to wear for occasions, 3-day weekends, how to accessorize, how to wear the trends of the season, etc. We film it in NY and I love doing it. It’s also an honor to be with the likes of Scoop Boutique creator, owner, and fashion icon, Stefani Greenfield as well as all the other experts. This is the Third Season that I am part of and we just launched it last week! CLICK HERE for the rest of the interview! It's GOOOOOOD!!!!!

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Talking with Tami said...

I sure did! And I want to be on your show! I need help with red carpet looks bad on a shoestring budget! Help me! lol!