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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Marc Cherry Season 6 Premiere Project Runway Viewing Party

Desperate Project Runway Housewives Party!!!The Old and The New: Andrae Gonzalo, Kit Scarbo, Nick Verreos and Rami Kashou pose with Season 6 contestant Logan Neitzel Last week, as we all know, was the much-anticipated premiere of Project Runway's new season on Lifetime. I was invited to several parties, including a party one of the models from the Models of the Runway (Lisa Blades) was throwing at a local restaurant/club. Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives was also having his own intimate viewing party and so without blinking my L'Oreal Paris mascaraed eyelash, I decided to attend Marc Cherry's bash. Desperate Housewives Divas I met Marc at an event in LA over a year ago but he didn't know who I was. Then, this last January at the Kuwaiti Embassy Party for the Obama Inauguration in Washington DC, he approached me saying "I know we met a while back but I had NO IDEA who you were...but I have since watched Project Runway and now I know...and I'm a big fan!" Back then, he confided in me his ideas to have a viewing party for the premiere of the new season and it all came to fruition this past Thursday.The Host With The Most: Marc Cherry I extended the invitation to a few Project Runway Alumnae so I wouldn't have to be the only one answering questions regarding what really goes on "behind the scenes". We arrived soon after the beginning of the All-Star 2-hour special episode and therefore they had to pause it, until we all got situated. Already there was Rami Kashou, finalist from Season 4 as well as some of Marc's friends. More and more guests came trickling in as waiters passed food and drink orders. The entire (almost) Desperate Housewives Wardrobe and Costume Department was there (they are HUGE FANS!!!) including the amazing Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer, Cate Adair. Season 2 designer--and fellow Lifetime Blogger--Andrae Gonzalo, came donning a celebratory red tie. Kit Scarbo of Season 3 stopped by, looking sexy, in her Catherine Deneuve-meets-Natasha ensemble. We even had a "surprise visit" (OK, I sent him the invitation so it wasn't so much of a surprise) all the way from Seattle: Season 6 contestant, designer Logan Neitzel. Yes, the new "Cutie" of Season 6. I joked that he was there so Rami could pass on the "Hottie of Project Runway" crown to Logan. Caught In the Bathroom: Kit Scarbo enjoys the Hollywood Goddess bathroom at Marc Cherry's house Marc Cherry was the consummate host, as he controlled the remote (yes, we had him hit the PAUSE button many times!). The entire party was catered with the most delicious "comfort" food which included an array of salads, breaded chicken breasts, vegetables and a mac-and-cheese to end all mac-and-cheeses! However, the stars of the night, for me, were the pigs-in-a-blanket hors d'oeurves. Mental note: Must return to Marc Cherry's EVERY Thursday just for that! At the end, Marc even showed us his "Hollywood Starlet" bathroom, which features portraits of EVERY Hollywood Goddess, from Myrna Loy to Lauren Bacall. Models, Meet your Designers: Lisa Blades, Nick Verreos, Carol Hannah Whitfield and Logan Neitzel After leaving Marc's party, we somehow made it--just in time--to the Model Of the Runway Premiere Party on the other side of town. Most of the guests were leaving but we were there long enough to say "Hi" to one of my favorite models and muses, Lisa Blades as well as another Season 5 contestant, designer Carol Hannah Whitfield.The following day, Lisa stopped by my Downtown LA studio/showroom to return the NIKOLAKI cocktail dress she wore to the "Inglourious Basterds" Premiere (Dry Cleaned, even!). I was excited to see that she brought along Carol Hannah (in a cute canary yellow one-shoulder jersey dress of her design) and Logan (in extra skinny jeans and deep V-neck, of course) so we posed for some photos at my studio, including one with Tim Gunn. Well, Tim Gunn's Bubble head Doll! The new--and the old--of Project Runway--praising the God of Tim Gunn, via a doll (since we didn't have the real thing!). Thanks you Marc Cherry for a fabulous party and good luck Carol Hannah, Logan and Lisa--hope you go far! Can't wait for this week's episode...

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Yay,I can imagine how much fun that you have there..
Love ya Nick !!