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NICK APPEARANCES.....OUT Magazine Interview: Nick Verreos

Where Are They Now...Project Runway!I just did an interview with one of my favorite sites,, about Project Runway, of course. And I guess I was not the only one--so did SEVENTEEN other Project Runway designers (I thought I was special--LOL!!). is the web "sister" of the fabulous OUT Magazine and they wanted to know what we had been up to; what we were doing; who we thought the "favorite villain" (and no I didn't answer Santino!) was, as well as who our favorite Project Runway designers were. I especially love those photos used on the site--mine is just one of my Headshots. Yes, I know a bit cheesy. Rami's, well, he just looks smoldering! and Kenley, her photo is so sweet, you would never guess she was a kitty-throwing boyfriend-bashing (allegedly) cutie. I especially love Sweet P's photo. Hot. Hot. Hot! Click HERE for the entire interview

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Anonymous said...

What? No interview with Adorable Blayne Walsh or Stella Zotis? Blayne kept season 5 alive with his sweetness! And Stella with her love of "Leatha".