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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Films Kmart Layaway Ad

Layaway Anyone? Earlier this month, I shot a fun little ad campaign for Kmart and Kmart Layaway. Kmart contacted me and because of the success of the great Sears 2008 Holiday Grant A Wish Commercial I did last year (along with Ty Pennington, LL Cool J and Vanessa Hudgens), they asked if I would want to be a part of Kmart's Holiday Layaway Campaign. Did you know that Kmart is the ONLY mass discount US retailer to have Layaway Online! I know, shut up!Two weeks ago was National Layaway Week (who knew?) and this is when the ads "rolled out" (yes, I am using a lot of Ad Terminology, try to keep up with me). I shot one in Spanish and in English. Yes, kiddies, I'm BI-lingual. The Spanish one was titled a Breve Informativo, or Brief Infomercial. I know, I should work at Berlitz! (not!). We shot it all at the Kmart in Burbank and I had a lot of fun with the sales associates (they were so patient and lovely!) and with the wonderful manager of the store, Lloyd (see above photo). All in all , I was honored to be representing Kmart and to have filmed a Breve Informativo for one of my favorite (yes, I like deals too!!!) stores. Click HERE for an interview I just did regarding KMART LAYAWAY for the California Apparel News.

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Giovanna ♥ said...

Ay Dios mio!! Super cute! Me encanta escucharte hablando en EspaƱol, you're very fluent :)
Congrats for the Ad!!