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NICK APPEARANCES.....Bebe Presents Nicole Ritchie's Jewelry Line Launch Party

In Search Of Nicole Ritchie... Bebe Sandwich: Nick Verreos poses with Susanne Marques of Fox11, and her friend, Bebe Rodeo Drive Last night, I was invited to Bebe and InStyle's Launch of Nicole Ritchie's new jewelry line House of Harlow 1960 for the company, and of course, I decided to take my buddy, John Wade of Marc Jacobs as my date. I just knew he would be "giving" some fashion--and of course he was: Vintage high-waisted Levi's, a vintage YSL cotton voile peasant shirt and his YSL Johnny Boots. Yes, he made me look like Grandpa Unfashionable Nick (remind me again why I bring him along? Oh yeah, 'cause he's great company!). We headed to the party which was taking place at the Rodeo Drive Bebe store. House of Harlow/Nicole Ritchie Jewelry line for Bebe, Bebe Rodeo Drive Boutique The bash was in full-gear once we arrived with stylish guests mingling, enjoying some delicious cocktails and bubbly Champagne as well as some hors d'oeuvres that were being passed around (the mini stuffed mushrooms were yummy!). I even noticed quite a few girls shopping and the sales staff were quite busy at the registers (good sign!). Models Sarah Deanna and Karen Manco, Bebe Rodeo Drive I was happy to run into two of my favorite LA runway modelin' DIVAS, the gorgeous Sarah Deanna and Karen Manco. Sarah was in head-to-toe Bebe: gunmetal silver shirred one-shouldered mini--VERY MINI--dress with fuchsia pumps and wearing some House of Harlow 1960 bangles and earrings. She looked HOT! John Wade poses with his new model friends, Sarah Deanna and Karen Manco, Bebe Rodeo Drive I also said "Hi" to the gorgeous Suzanne Marques, reporter with Fox11 (who coincidentally interviewed me last month when I hosted Style Week Orange County). She also looked DIVINE. Her and her girlfriends were so sweet, trying to teach me the finer intricacies of TWEETING (I'm still somewhat of a TWITTER Virgin). I was having such a good time that I almost forgot to ask "But, where's Nicole?". Well, I finally did ask and a "little birdie" told me that she had "fallen ill" and was not attending. Oh well, she missed a fun and packed party for her own jewelry launch. Hope she feels better.

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