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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Interview for

Geisha T-Zone Heaven!Shine Free: Nick Verreos on the Red Carpet Recently, a friend from Seattle sent me some blotting paper called Tatcha Aburatorigami--Japanese Blotting Paper to be specific. She told me to try them out-- especially for my "red carpet" TV work--and see what I thought. I had heard how the Japanese were famous for their blotting papers--amongst other things of course.Tatcha Blotting Paper Well, I was HOOKED instantly! I wasn't even insulted that she had sent me these because I KNOW my t-zone is a bit overactive, thank you very much (make-up artists tell me I should be VERY THANKFUL for that!). I now have TWO packets of Tatcha in my "man bag" at all times! Geisha Matte: No Shiny forehead for this gorgeous Geisha Girl They came in handy last weekend when I had to host a FIDM fashion show event in San Diego one day and the next, shoot a campaign for the new MSN Victory Project in Seattle. As a "Thank You", I did this fun interview for their wonderful blog and website-- Love Tatcha! Check it out HERE .

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