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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009: Red Carpet Year In Review

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If you've been keeping up with the Pageant World (and I have of course!) you might remember that early this year, in the Bahamas Atlantis Resort, 19 year old Stefania Fernandez was crowned Miss Universe 2009. This was the second year in a row a woman from that country (where I was raised by the way) had won the coveted crown. She has since made many appearances, representing the Miss Universe Organization and on behalf of AIDS, a cause which the Donald Trump-owned organization supports. She's also been "out-and-about" at parties, events and many a fashion week shows. Stefania has become a little "fashion plate" in her own right. The Miss Universe Organization has their own stylist who works with their title holders providing designs to best "market" their girls in the public eye. Some are from the sponsors of the pageant and some are from the designers whose show she is attending (if it's during Fashion Week). Then after that, I'm sure the stylist goes shopping or may get dresses from various stores and designers from all over. Here is my 2009 Year-In-Fashion-Review of Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe '09...Some Good... Monochromatic Queen: Here is Stefania in one of her most recent red carpet appearances, where she debuted her new above-the-shoulder hairstyle. I think she looks modern, fresh and less of the typical "Pageant Betty", more model-like/TV host. The monochromatic look works on her with the black dress layered over black stockings. I'm sure her Latino base of fans may not like the somberness and expect more brighter hues, but to me, she looks modern. Best Dressed: Here-- at the recent Latin Grammys this month in Las Vegas-- she is in one of my favorite looks. The sand-colored shirred one-shoulder mini-dress looks fantastic. Her asymmetrical hair-bun compliments the overall look as well. The shoulder copper detail adds just the right amount of "bling". Trust me, looking at some of the crazy dresses our Latina sisters wore to the Latin Grammys, Stefania looked AMAZING!!!!Miss Spartacus: Another favorite is this black Grecian-inspired dress, which she wore to the Toni Maticevski NY Fashion Week Show. I am LIVING for the serious DIVA you-can't-touch-me look!Clean and Simple: Here she is at the Narciso Rodriguez NY Fashion Show in a pretty midnight blue fitted dress. She looks good, but I might have done without the pageant-esque Diamante earrings--not necessary for a dress with such clean lines. Fun and Flirty: At another NY Fashion Week event, she looked young and flirty in this ruffled charmeuse number. Cute and young--after all the girl is still only 19!!! I like it.After-Five Dept: And last, I'm on the fence on this violet ruched satin dress. It's very I-bought-it-at-the-"After-Five"-section-at-Macy's. Nothing against that section. But maybe for Miss Universe, you want to strive for "Milan" and not Going-to-a-wedding-in-Woodland Hills, California. And the Maybe-Not's:Handkerchief No-No: When I saw this photo of the gorgeous Stefania, I went "Oh Dear!". She's at the Custo Barcelona NY Fashion Week Show, and I can only surmise that she's wearing Custo naturally. Another designer friend of mine said that she looked like one of the "Real Housewives from Orange County". And I kind of agree.Stefania and Designer Zang Toi: Zang Toi has provided many a dress or gown for past Miss Universes. Here she is with the designer posing the day of his NY Fashion Week Show. Toi is known for some over-the-top concoctions that border on top-of-a-wedding-cake so for him, the ensemble she was wearing was quite subdued. Maybe too much so. The black 3/4 coat and lace dress aged her. Leave that to her mother. Lace Overkill: Finally, Stefania made an appearance at a Mary McFadden Tribute Cocktail Reception this September at the Hotel Gansevoort where she wore a high-necked lace overlay dress. I actually like the high-neck style of the dress and the hair is perfect. Part of me wishes I had a pair of scissors to cut about 12 inches from the lace so it would match the inner lining hem. Overall, the year was a fashion success for the newly crowned Miss Universe. So here's to a fashionable 2010 for the gorgeous Stefania! Buen provecho mi amor! Update: Here is video of Stefania's haircut and how the decision was made! Do you like the new style?!

2 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009: Red Carpet Year In Review"

Anonymous said...

So I've been looking up everything to do with FIDM and Fashion since I'll be headed there for school in July, and I watched all your videos and things until I came across this one. I felt so heartbroken that they were cutting her hair and even though she's rockin the style, I think she should have had the major say in her hair and what they did with it. Not her fans or her friends or the show, just her. But yes, even though this is old I just had to comment. :)

PS. Nick you are amazing, and I especially loved the dress that Heidi Klum wore to the Konan O'Brien show. It was amazing and simple and yet, some how very adventurous. Kudos to you! :)

Anonymous said...

She is an amazing, beautiful lady, I always watch the coronation and is beautiful every year.

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