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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Menswear Fashion Week: McQueen, D & G, Gucci A/W 2010

Alexander McQueen:Prints, prints and more prints. Face masks, printed of course and lots of very fitted Savile Row suits. Did I mention those were printed as well? McQueen is a design God. It's obvious that his women aren't the only DIVAS in the room with this collection. In reality, a very wealthy singer or entertainment type might buy a jacket and pair it with skinny solid pants or jeans and "call it a day". That's fine with me too. But I would love to see someone rock that mask and not get stopped at TSA. Just saying. Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter Men's 2010/11 Runway Video: D & G Dolce & Gabbana:Think luxe snowboarder in the Italian Alps with a tad bit of MTV's The Jersey Shore campiness thrown in. Yep, welcome to D&G Dolce and Gabbana for next year's Winter. That tuxedo look is KILLING ME! It's Astronaut meets Snowboarder meets I-need-a-Baileys and right now! This might not work in Mountain High or Big Bear but if you were going Cortina in Italy--this is what you might find somebody wearing. D & G Fall/Winter Men's 2010/11 Runway Video: Gucci:Designer Frida Giannini is going back to the "essence" of Gucci: Classic, elegant, jet-set. Trust-fund baby who has grown up, loves his Gucci loafers (sockless preferably), turtlenecks over fitted tailored jackets and likes to hang out on Daddy's yacht, since it will be his in a few years anyway. Think Stefano Casiraghi, Princess Caroline's eldest son meets Steve McQueen. This is the look I'd like to "work" on my next trip to Positano!!! Here's a highlight video of Frida Giannini's Gucci Men's Fall/Winter 2010/11 Collection:

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