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NICK APPEARANCES.....2010 Golden Globes Gifting Suites

2010 Golden Globes Gifting "Dishing" FIDM Hills: Lauren Conrad and Nick Verreos at the 2010 Golden Globes Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, Zune LA The days leading up to this year's Golden Globes, my schedule was packed. First, there's my Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM classes to teach, then draping dresses and making patterns for my own collection and meeting with stylists for possible gowns for the upcoming awards. And somehow I found time to get out of my "Nick Cave" and venture to a couple Golden Globes Gifting Suites I was invited to. First Stop: The Kari Feinstein Golden Globes Style Lounge, Zune LA The Kari Feinstein Style Lounge is always an "A" list Suite and I am always very honored to be "on the list". It was held at Zune LA and is always sure to be a place to spot a celeb or two...or three. On the day I went, I had just gotten there when I felt someone pinching my "Nick Bootie". I turned around and it was none other than my friend--and former FIDM student--Lauren Conrad. Looking GORGEOUS I might add! Of course, we proceeded to do some "girlfriend dishing" and catching up as only Lauren and I can do. She was there with her friend Lo Bosworth from MTV's The Hills. I also said "hello" to actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry, whom I had designed a gown for YEARS ago--and spotted Molly Sims as well, while I was there.Bulging Biceps: Nick Verreos and the Retro Sport T-shirt Mascot, Kari Feinstein 2010 Golden Globes Style Lounge The Kari Feinstein Gifting Suite also had great running shoes from Reebok as well as stylish ties and scarves from Vineyard Vines (I will wear them at an upcoming TV shoot or appearance for sure!) and cute vintage t-shirts from Retro Sport . Designer Alan Aldridge--who has worked with The Beatles-- was there showcasing his famed concert graphic designs, my favorite being "The Who" t-shirt. Model Dad: UK Artist Alan Aldridge and Nick Verreos holding one of his t-shirt designs, Kari Feinstein 2010 Golden Globes Style Lounge Another fun fact: One of his daughters is supermodel Lily Aldridge, whom I met at the Victoria's Secret NY Runway Show and actually got to interview her (she's also the girlfriend of Caleb from Kings of Leon). My last stop here was with Rasta Taco, who had a taco stand set up at Style Lounge. It was 3 PM and I had not had lunch yet so needless to say, I was SO HAPPY to see them and had a couple of their most delicious chicken and carne asada tacos. Delicioso! Next Stop: Madison and Mulholland Golden Globes Charitable Suite, Beverly HillsCharitable Scene: Madison & Mulholland Charitable Gifting Suite, Beverly Hills Next, I traveled to a private home in Beverly Hills for the Madison & Mulholland Charitable Gifting Suite. Amongst other things, what makes this Gifting Suites special is that they put together a Gift Bag for a Charity of your choice. I put together a great bag which will be auctioned off at Clothes Off Our Back with proceeds going to my charity of choice, The Trevor Project. I drew a fabulous fashion illustration and autographed a pair of REUSE JEANS for my "Charitable Bag". Besides clothing, there were also lots of cosmetics and beauty products (the AMAZING Sakura Silk Exfoliating Gel was my fave!) and delicious cakes here. If you like cocktails, then this Gifting Suite was your place, with Casa Noble Tequila, Eagle Castle Winery and Adult Milk Chocolate all present, offering "cocktail hour" all day! I also loved the sexy and very stylish handbags and jewelry from Charlie Lapson. I snagged the BEST luggage tags for all my travels!Desert Anyone? A Golden Globes Cake at the Madison & Mulholland Charitable Gifting Suite Beverly Hills Well, after one Adult Chocolate Milks too many, I knew it was time to head back to my non-Gifting suite life back at the NIKOLAKI design studio in Downtown LA-- Signing off from the Golden Globes Gifting Suites---see you next time!

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