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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 7 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 3

Museum Queens...One Ego is Better Than Two...and a Homeless Statute of Liberty?This week's episode was the dreaded Project Runway "Team Challenge" where two designers are paired up--randomly (or so they say!)--and the producers and fellow Cameramen get some GOOD TV for y'all. For Season 7, the kids headed to the grand Metropolitan Museum of Art where "Couture Curator", Tim Gunn, stood framed by some of the most beautiful Couture garments from the 20th Century from designers like... Balenciaga (1954-55 Cocoon Silk Faille Coat above, a Gift from the Baroness Philippe de Rothschild), as well as... Madame Gres (silk jersey gown above). It would be interesting to have a "Fashion History Test" with the contestants to see how many of them even knew who Madame Gres was. Just sayin'...The Challenge this week was to design a look worthy of a Museum Couture Piece (with $500!) and then (of course there was a twist)-- they later discovered-- they also had to design a "budget H&M-like version (with $50) of another team's design. I know, I was like "Say what?". I'm sure it sounded good in the "pitch meeting" but it lead to a rather confusing episode; too much packed in just an hour episode for the viewer's mental and visual capacity. Of course, there was conflict when it came to the teams, especially with Kooky Ping and Matinee Idol I'm-an-Actor Jesse. He just wanted to do his job and Ping Wu just wanted to be Kooky--and look for her missing shoes! Mila Hermanovski and her partner Jonathan Peters were also an interesting couple. Jonathan--intelligently enough--let her be "The Boss" and boy was she. I would not want to mess with that severe bob either. Not surprisingly, when it finally came to the Runway Show, it was one great garment and one pretty bad outfit. To begin with, I liked Jesus Estrada and his partner Amy Sarabi's design: You could TOTALLY tell that it was all--or at least mostly-- Amy. That pleated-fan bolero was spectacular and so Amy's style! I also liked Maya Luz' design... It was edgy, a modern take on Museum-worthy Couture. I concur with Nina Garcia: The open side was very chic. I can see many people saying "I just don't get it...I would never wear that!" But wear-ability was not really the point for this half of the challenge.The winner ended up being Mila's color-blocked kimono coat and skinny pant look which was very 1960s Courreges/Pierre Cardin with a definite nod to Narciso Nodriguez. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite but leave it to Kors and Garcia (Champions of NY-American sportswear and separates) to chose this. But now, onto the messes:This look from Jesse LeNoir, Ping's team "assistant" was so bland, I almost fell asleep as it came down the runway. Cheap "fast fashion" doesn't have to be boring. It was Banana Republic...from 2001! And Jonathan and Mila's design...Based on Anthony Williams' bad ball gown (what was that bustier???).. It was mainly the severe Baby Doll silhouette, and that gathered tulle accent on the halter neckline that bothered me. I just wanted to get my seam-riper and take that black tulle accent off! Jonathan seems to be more talented than this--maybe it was a time restriction. I have been there huney--did you see my crazy design for the Santino-and-Nick Banana Republic Team Challenge? In other words: I understand. But of course, Ping's "Homage" to a Homeless Statue of Liberty took the Worst Museum Couture Piece this week. As I said previously, I was surprised she wasn't "auf'ed" last week and we were all just counting down the days until her demise. Ping made for great TV but that can only take you so far in a show that is based on talent and craftsmanship--not to mention 10 cameramen and an entire production crew looking over your shoulder. The lace top looked matronly and the side cowl draping was heavy-handed and was neither Museum-worthy or qualified as anything a woman of this Century would want to own. Maybe a character from HBO's "Rome", but even then, she would be the recently-freed Roman Slave--certainly not the Mistress of the house! Out with with the onto more important matters: When are we going to see Jesse shirtless? Until next time kiddies.

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froggy said...

Tooooooo much black! Can't see it due to terrible lighting, no imagination, boring looks - black smudge after black smudge.