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ICE STYLE.....Nick Verreos on CNN International World Report Program

Where's Anderson Cooper? Good Morning World: Nick Verreos discussing the Olympic Figure Skating Costumes on CNN International's World Report Morning Program
Yesterday turned out to be a Figure Skating Bonanza Day for me (and my trusty partner-in-figure skating crime, David Paul, who came with me): First, I went to the brand new Universal Sports Studios--located about an hours drive from Los Angeles--to shoot a LIVE VIA SATELLITE interview for the Figure Skating Review and Preview Show with Kristi Yamaguchi, Peter Carruthers and host Terry Gannon. I had a great time commenting on the Ice Dancing costumes for the Original Dance Olympic Competition.CNN Diva: CNN International anchor Anjali Rao, who is based out of the Hong Kong CNN bureau Then, later that day, I was contacted by, CNN , to again (quelle surprise?), give my "Nick Two Cents" on the crazy (and not so crazy) Figure Skating Costumes. I went to the CNN Los Angeles Headquarters on Sunset Blvd. to shoot another LIVE VIA SATELLITE segment--this time it would be with the CNN International World Report Morning News Program. Anchor Anjali Rao, interviewed me from the network's Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong. The program is watched in over 200 countries all over the world--it's not the "US CNN" but the version you would see, say if you were in a London or Paris hotel room and you tuned into CNN on the TV.We discussed the "Outrageous": Johnny Weir's Blades of Glory-esque "Rocking The Tassel" pink-and-black costume the Swiss Burberry Logo-a-Gogo Pairs and of course...the Russian Aboriginal "re-worked" but still-culturally-insensitive costumes. We also talked about the "Artsy" costumes such as:
The German's "Send In The Clowns" Marcel Marceau-like get-ups, which over-shadowed and distracted from their performance, and finally, we had to discuss the "Fab" costumes, like Evan Lysacek's Vera Wang Snake Charmer and Shen and Zhao's tastefully beautiful costumes. Before I knew it, the segment was over and we were wrapped, just like that. At the same time I was shooting, guess who else was there? Well, Larry King of course. He was taping his show and after he was finished, I had the privilege of meeting him (thanks to the lovely CNN Make-Up and Hair Team!). The minute I get tape of the segment, I will put it up here on my blog. I promise. Read this fun blog from someone who was there and who just happened to be having her 1st day at work!: Heather In Hollywood. Happy Olympic Figure we're onto the Ladies!

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