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NICK APPEARANCES.....Brookdale College Appearance: RECAP

Jersey Boy!Bundled Up: Nick Verreos lands at the Pier Village, Long Branch New Jersey If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know I get around--two weeks ago, I embarked on a 5-city stop in a period of seven days! Yes, kiddies, I've been racking up the frequent flyer miles--and "schooling about fashion" one student fashionista at a time! This time it is all about the JERSEY SHORE--well almost! I was invited to speak to New Jersey's Brookdale Community College located in Lincroft. But first: NYC:Old School: The Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Terminal, JFK I flew from my Suffolk University Boston appearance into NYC and landed at JFK, where the first sight greeting me outside was the iconic TWA terminal designed by architect Eero Saarinen. I had an "overnighter" in NYC where I spent a fab evening with my very good friends Taylor and Louie. We had drinks at the ULTRA EXCLUSIVE Andre Balazs-designed The Boom Boom Room located on the 18Th floor of the new Standard Hotel. The view up there was INSANE (and so were the prices at over $20 A DRINK!!!!). If you go, YOU MUST check out the bathrooms: They also come with a floor-to-ceiling view of the Manhattan skyline (see above), that's the Empire State Building on the right! Incredible. But the best part for me were the fabulous cocktail waitresses and hostess. They are simply the MOST STYLISH ones on this planet, dressed in their Rubin Chapelle-designed "uniforms", if you could even call them Uniforms. Cadillac Margarita Anyone? The Boom Room Room Cocktail Waitresses I asked our cocktail girl if she was happy with her sexy ivory cascade back-pleated angel-winged mini-dress, and before I could finish, she remarked "Heck Yeah!!!". This is not the bar at your local Marriott Suites kids! BTW: The Boom Boom Room shuts down to the "regular working folk" after 8:30pm and becomes "private". So unless you're Madonna and Marc Jacobs (or a multi-millionaire Goldman Sachs broker) don't even think about showing up after that time! Afterward, we window shopped the Meatpacking District, where I spotted this gorgeous Victorian-inspired gown at the Charles Nolan Boutique, so of course, I had to get a photo (see above). Dinner and a good-night's rest followed for my next day's New Jersey appearance. The View From My Room: Beach view from the Ocean Place Resort and Spa, Long Branch New Jersey About an hour-and-a-half's drive from Manhattan, I arrived in the Jersey Shore. Well, Long Branch to be exact, where I checked into the sumptuous beachfront Ocean Place Resort and Spa (thank you Brookdale College!). It was very cold (about 30 degrees) and there was still snow on the ground so the thought of donning my Speedo and Havaianas were far from my mind! I may have to return during the Summer; I hear it's AMAZING.Well-stocked: Inside the Jenna & Molly Boutique, Pier Village, Long Branch NJ I did walk around the nearby Pier Village--in my very warm Marc Jacobs fur-lined Parka--where I checked out the shops. My favorite being Jenna & Molly. I don't know who Jenna and Molly are but they have a great eye for buying fashion for their store! Loved EVERY SINGLE PIECE in there! It's Forever 21, H & M and Intermix all rolled up into one. Stage Fright: Nick Verreos on stage, Brookdale College Appearance Now it was time to get ready and go to my Brookdale Community College appearance. After driving through some of the most BEAUTIFUL and stately mansions I have ever seen passing through Tinton Falls and Colts Neck (who knew New Jersey was this UPPER CLASS? Well, now I do!), I finally arrived. The Real Jersey Shore Kids: Nick Verreos is greeted by Brookdale College Fashion Society students After a very warm greeting from the Brookdale Fashion Society, I entertained, lectured and gave some "Fashion Insider Tips" to the Brookdale College audience--and from the reaction afterward, I think they enjoyed it! Say Snooki: Brookdale College Group Shot with Nick Verreos I, of course, had a fun time speaking with all the students and telling them dish about Project Runway and how I fell in love with fashion! I was also happy to see some instructors in the audience as well. Barbie Fan: Nick Verreos poses with "his" Project Runway Barbie One of my evening's highlights was seeing a guest who had arrived "armed": With the Barbie Doll I designed when I won the "My Scene Barbie Challenge" back in my season. Of course, I just about pushed everyone to get to her! I couldn't believe it! Naturally, I signed it and gave it's owner a big hug and a kiss! Did I tell you how much I love New Jersey and Brookdale Community College???

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Nick, I was loving the Project Runway recaps! Bring them back. :)