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NICK APPEARANCES.....FGILA "The Designer and The Muse" Party

Cocktails, Gowns, and a Project Runway Designer-Almost-Without-A-Muse, at the Standard Downtown LA...Helloooooooo?!: Model Lisa Blades and Nick Verreos gossip on the phones at the Standard Downtown LA (Photo Courtesy of Tim Regas for Last Wednesday, on March 17Th, I was invited to the second annual Fashion Group International of Los Angeles/FGILA's "The Designer & The Muse That Inspires Them" party in celebration of LA fashion Week. This year's party and red carpet parade of Designers and Muses was to be led by the legendary Couturier James Galanos. Well, of course, I couldn't miss it! I was teaching (and giving Finals) that entire day at FIDM and afterward, rushed to my NIKOLAKI design studio to get ready and meet up with my friend--and Muse--the statuesque and oh-so-lovely, Lisa Blades. Lisa was my muse at last year's FGILA Designer and The Muse event and I just LOVE being with her so naturally, I wanted her to be my date again! For this year's event/party, she wore a pale blue and gold silk-wool zibeline, high-neck mini-dress with padded cap sleeves from our NIKOLAKI Fall 2010 Collection. The moment she tried it on, she looked AMAZING and it also made her legs look TEN FEET LONG!! (that's the part I loved).Natalie Cole and designer Lloyd Klein The moment we arrived, we spotted the stunning Natalie Cole as she was leaving the party and slipping into her very VIP limousine. Inside, the lobby was jam-packed with fashionista guests, designers, and beautiful models mingling and enjoying cocktails. We were then whisked off to the the second level for some red carpet photo ops. I was happy to run into Palm Springs designer, Michael Costello who was there with his model/muse, the exotic Suwana Perry. I also ran into my really good friend, designer April Mun of Stella & Jamie , who was there with her muse, actress Melissa Ordway . Model Blocked: Brandise Danesewich, Mila Hermanovski, Nick Verreos and Lisa Blades, FGILA's Designer and The Muse Party I knew that it would be only a short while before I would run into some Project Runway Alumn. First, Season 7 Model Brandise Denesewich spotted me from afar and we screamed like little girls (OK, I did!). She was there as the Muse of Season 7 Designer, Mila Hermanovski, whom I also had just seen at the Gen Art LA Alumni Party days before!Better Late Than Never: Lisa Blades, Nick Verreos, Althea Harper and Tanisha Harper, the Standard Downtown LA And then, as Lisa and I were leaving (I had a very early morning flight to Texas the next day!), we bumped into Season 6 Finalist Althea Harper, who was in town for Fall 2010 LA Market Week. Althea didn't realize that she was supposed to bring a Muse (somehow she missed the "Muse" part of "Designer and The Muse") so she called her Project Runway Model, the beautiful Tanisha Harper. She left the party, met up with her, gave her one of her gowns to wear and returned to the party! You Go Girl! Althea and Tanisha both get my "Nick At-a-girl Fashion Stars" for the entire week!!!

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