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NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI gowns on Roiworld Virtual Closet

On The Virtual Red Carpet: NIKOLAKI Gowns Ready for their Close-up! Recently I attended the book signing of Author and Fashion Aficionado Tom Julian. We quickly hit it off and he told me that I NEEDED to be part of a project he was doing called Roiworld. After doing a little research I discovered that Roiworld is a great sight that allows you to play "virtual paper dolls" on the computer. It combines games, shopping and some great fashion. It is something that most Girls (and some boys!) wish we had "back in the day". Roiworld was gearing up to create a Red Carpet Closet just in time for the Academy Awards. They asked me and my company NIKOLAKI to be part of it and I, of course, said YES! NIKOLAKI Virtual Closet: Choose Which Style You'd Wear on the Red Carpet! They took 3 Gowns from my collection: A Black Silk Taffeta Gown, a Celedon Green Beaded Siren Gown and a Red Silk Zibeline Strapless Gown. You can add heels, handbags, hairdos and accessories to all the looks. It was so fun to see these creations animated and I even had a great time playing with the different styles!! Click HERE to play!

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