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FAMILY LOVE.....Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Niece Casia!

Uncle Nick Says "Feliz Cumpleaños"!!! Uncle Nick: Nick Verreos with his niece Casia Kennedy Today, my gorgeous--and very fashionable (of course)--niece turned TEN years old! (Gosh I'm getting OLD!!!). So I wanted to embarrass her by posting a very public Happy Birthday to Casia Maria Kennedy right here on my blog. She was born ten years ago in Mexico City (yep, she's an "unofficial" Chilanga!) but now lives in San Antonio--along with her Mommy (my sister Rita) and her brother Alain.Casia's Barbie: Nick Verreos holds his winning "My Scene Project Runway" Barbie I am her Godfather--which for me, means that when I grow old, she has to take care of me (wink wink!) and if you guys are Project Runway Season 2 fans, you'll remember when I won the My Scene Barbie Challenge I "dedicated it" to her and said that when my niece watches the show (and this particular episode), I will now be her FAVORITE UNCLE!! Happy Birthday Casia!

2 Responses to "FAMILY LOVE.....Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Niece Casia!"

Efi Lira said...

nick i love u
so much im your mexican fan : )

Coordinación said...

Of course We remember!! and you deserved to be on the topo 3 and win!! I became your fan when you spoke about your family, your niece, it was humanizing the fashion, I so loved it. Muchas felicitaciones, tu fan nº1 de Uruguay! : Silvia