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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan, Paris Menswear Collections: Vivienne Westwood, Moncler, Gucci S/S 2011

Euro Dandy or Euro Heir?Summer Drizzle: Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S 2011 Trenchcoat The Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 Collections continue and here are some of my faves. First up, the Moncler Gamme Bleu Collection, designed by American Thom everything-is-shrunken Browne. Browne is known for his great presentations and somehow he had to "top himself" from last year's Swimming Extravaganza. He did. The runway show occurred in Milan's Vellodromo Vigorelli Football (soccer for the Gringos) Stadium and it was all about chic Activewear for that Tour de France fashionista in every man. Great windbreakers, trench coats, shrunken double-breasted cardigan/jackets (I can't wait until Topman knocks those off!) and LEGGINGS--bicycle-print ones, which I guarantee will be the "must purchase" for every stylin' gay this side of the Marais! Going To A Picnic: Vivienne Westwood Menswear S/S 2011 Moving onto Vivienne Westwood. Her Menswear show was FAAAABUUUULOUS! I could just see those bloggers and oh-we-don't-get-it people saying "I would NEVER wear that!", "Is she crazy?", "what IS thaaaaat???". Ummm, how shall I say this politely: That's not the point and by the way IT'S NOT FOR YOU!! (for those people who say the "I would never wear that" comment. It's all about creative inspiration and creating a presentation--a show (think John Galliano). BIZZZNESS Class: Vivienne Westwood Men Spring 2011 Smart editors, store buyers and fashion-savvy writers will see beyond the wig and 1979 Male Hooker scarf (love!) and see a great plaid jacket, a rather "basic" purple gingham shirt one could even buy at Urban Outfitters, and some sexy shoes to boot! I loved the collection so much, I actually started looking for some inspiration for my upcoming lecture trip to Italy next month. I have been invited to speak to the Miami University of Ohio Summer Europe Program once again so I saw this look below from Miss Westwood as a "suggestion" for my "Traveling to Europe" ensemble...and well, I had to think again. It could be the Manpris or it might have been the I-think-all-that-carry-on might NOT be allowed on the plane factor...So, in other words, I had to "think again". A look which definitely might be in my "Summer In Florence" ensemble is: Ahhhhhhhh, yes, leave it to Gucci. I think the above outfit WILL BE my inspiration for next month's European trip and lecture. For Spring/Summer 2011, Designer Frida Giannini designed a collection which was very 1960's Fiat Heir On His Way To Capri...or London. The collection screamed Andrea and Pierre Casaraghi (Princess Caroline's we-do-nothing-bu-go-on-Holidays- sons). Slim very 60s suits, high-water cropped pants (a S/S 2011 Trend), rolled-up sleeves (great styling!) and an altogether Euro Trash-Gone Good look to it, which is what defines Gucci. My Positano Beach Bag: Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 The sock-less loafers (sooooo GUCCI old-school!) Oh it all SCREAMS "Me!". Now this is a collection where it is OK to say: "I would wear that!" Thank God the Euro is poor and the Dollar is strong because "Uncle Nick" might have to do some Gucci Damage in Italy! Click Below for Moncler Gamme Bleu by Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011: Click Below for the Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring 2011 Preview: Click Below for the Gucci Menswear Spring 2011 Runway:

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