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NICK APPEARANCES.....2010 Premios Juventud, Chica Orbit: RECAP Part 1

Part One: Swarovski Crystals, Hot & Humid Miami...and a Run-In with Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez? Orbit Gum Limo: Nick Verreos rides the limo with "Chica Orbit", Rosario Abarca Last week, I flew to Miami. Why, you may ask? Well, kids, for the last three years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Wrigley's and Orbit Gum--the most fashionable gum in the planet thank you very much--in creating perfect red carpet dresses, inspired by Orbit Gum, for Premios Juventud. In 2008, I designed...A very "retro" strapless white silk duchess dress (with an Orbit Gum "Jackie O" pillbox hat of course!). And in 2009... I created this "Orbit Blue" silk jersey Grecian goddess dress above. This time, the clients LOVED the gown I designed for Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez for People En Español"50 Most Beautiful" gala, that they asked me to create a brand new one, inspired by that one, to highlight the brand new retro-printed boxes Orbit Gum just released. Therefore, for this 2010 Premios Juventud, I designed a one-shoulder with a back draped cowl shorter "cocktail" version of Stefania Fernandez's long, flowing Batwing gown (sketch above). Swarovski Worktable: David Paul's Chica Orbit Accessories-in-the-process Back at my studio in LA--for the last three weeks--I have have been working "feverishly" to create the dress and get the print made. Once again, I enlisted the help of my favorite printer First2Print--LOVE THEM! I also had the AMAZING aid of my Nikolaki design partner, David Paul, who created the perfect silver faux python skin clutch, "Orbit" earrings and bracelets, using HUNDREDS of gorgeous Swarovski Crystallized Elements sequins. Last Tuesday, I arrived to Miami to my "Home Base", the sprawling Loews Hotel and Resort in Miami Beach. It was GORGEOUS (the hotel) and the weather, well, very HOT (95 degrees) and HUMID (70%). The hotel is right on the beach (that was my view!) and features a stunning pool, a fabulous spa and restaurants galore! But no time for that since just a couple hours after dropping my suitcase, it was time for a fitting with my Chica Orbit, the beautiful Peruvian-born Rosario Abarca. Just A Peak: Chica Orbit fitting the Nick Verreos "Premios Juventud 2010" dress and the earrings, Loews Hotel Miami Beach She tried on the dress and it fit PERFECTLY! (this was the first time ever meeting her!). She looked BEAUTIFUL! Like an "Orbit Gum Barbie" come to life! After little minor alterations (close the slit just a little bit) and deciding if the clients liked my custom "Orbit" accessories (they loved them), it was time for a little shopping and sightseeing... Tourist Nick: Nick Verreos poses in front of the former Gianni Versace Mansion, The Villa by Barton G. Of course, I walked into Ocean Drive and ventured to The Villa by Barton G., best known as The Gianni Versace Mansion. I also did a little bit of "retail damage" naturally, but the heat was overpowering my sweat glands and I ran back to the hotel after an hour! I then received a message from my friend Roston Ogata, Creative Director for the Miss Universe Organization (and "Momma Chaperone" to Miss Universe). He was in town, along with Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009, and wanted to hang out. Done and Done, Part DOS! Delicioso: Stefania Fernadez, Miss Universe 2009, eyes her Venezuelan tequeños and empanadas After a shirt-change (remember, it's 95 Degrees and 70 % humidity!), I made my way to The Viceroy Hotel (very fancy-schmancy!) where they were staying and as I arrived Stefania, Roston, and a few friends were at the lobby waiting for me. The friends had brought the STUNNING Stefania (who was in town for some TV shoots) Venezuelan tequeños and empanadas as a "Welcome" care package (yummy!). Viceroy View: Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 and Nick Verreos, The Viceroy Hotel Downtown Miami For my part, I brought her some of my Nikolaki gowns that I took with me to Miami. Maybe she might wear one when she goes to Las Vegas in August for Miss Universe 2010. Who knows? Later that night, I was invited to a Pre-Premios Juventud "VIP Tour" party/concert featuring the very popular Venezuelan reggaeton duo, Chino y Nacho. Stefania LOVES them so she pleaded if she could come. Well, done and done! Hello, she IS Miss Universe after all. Miami Vice: Nick Verreos and Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez, Premios Juventud VIP Tour Pre-Party/Concert We had a great time but called it a night right after Chino y Nacho's performance: Stefania was leaving back to NYC and I had to get some rest for the next day's Premios Juventud Awards Show. I was to help my "muse", the Chica Orbit get ready and styled correctly, as well as walk the blue carpet along with her. Stay tuned for my Recap of the night! Ciao for now.

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