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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Georges Hobeika Couture A/W 2010

Sheikha Central Draped Princess: Red draped gown with embroidered neckline, Georges Hobeika F/W Haute Couture 2010 Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika offered his view of Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010 in Paris and let's just say: It's VERY VERY Haute! Recession? What recession? This is Haute Couture kids! $30,000 for a suit and about $80,000 for a gown. Yep, this isn't Forever 21 or H & M. Fabrics alone can cost up to $500+ a yard. Warrior Wedding: White gown with beaded shoulder/neckline detail, Georges Hobeika F/W Haute Couture 2010 A dress can take up 5-10 yards so that's about $5,000 for fabric alone. Add trim, labor cost, designer's fee, and the cost of getting a HAND-MADE gown all to yourself with a number to prove it....well, now hopefully you understand. The price of your First Class flight to Paris for fittings IS NOT included.Cowling It: Cowl-draped slate-gray silk gown with beaded accents, Georges Hobeika F/W Haute Couture 2010 For Fall/Winter 2010, Hobeika showed glorious draping, color and exuberant beading. Collars stood up, shoulders were very extended and it was "there is no limit on my fabric budget this season" feeling with the gorgeous textiles shown.Lots of side-cowl Goddess draping, beaded shoulder interest and a Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek-meets-Grecian Goddess Athena underlying theme. The red satin jacket-and-skirt ensemble above SCREAMS Ivana Trump...or some Ukrainian arm-candy beauty! Now, tell me there are not ever some Wardrobe Malfunctions on the Haute Couture Runways...Case in Point: See above gown. See something odd? Look closely (to the left). Yep, the side zipper just came undone. I absolutely LOVE this gown so I'll just chalk it up to those oh-so-temperamental invisible zippers (especially ones put on by hand!). It has happened to ALL of us darling. On a better note: Take a look at this stunner of a violet cocktail dress above! Imagine grabbing your next Heir to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in this...Or a Sheikh from Qatar. Georges Hobeika knows his market and his girls. Loved this collection Georges!

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