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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2010 Preliminaries Gowns: Good and Oh Dear!

The Competition Is On!!! Who Will Wear The Best Gown: Last year's Miss Universe Venezuela's Stefania Fernandez
This past Thursday night was the 2010 Miss Universe Preliminary Competition, the first official Competition and Judging to see who will make the Top 15 for Miss Universe 2010. It was held at the same Venue the Finals will be held at: The Mandalay Bay Events Center in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. 83 beauties from all over the world introduced themselves to a rip-roaring crowd, then displayed their well-toned bodies in the Swimsuit Round, and in their Evening Gowns. The latter of which, naturally, is what I'm interested in. Lots of the contestants changed (as expected) from the gowns they wore before--and some, like Miss Greece, Turkey and India, for example, did not, and they stuck to the same dress.
Here are my "Nick Verreos Two Cents"-- Best Gowns: Miss USA Rima Fakih looked stunning in this fire-red strapless Princess -seamed "Mermaid" gown. It's A LOT of Gown--and I'm not sure if Rima would be the girl to pull it off. But from the photos, she did. Loved her sleeked hair as well as the fact that she didn't wear any necklace but instead opted for a big modern cuff. Another Winner...
Miss Uruguay Stephany Ortega. Love the bubblegum "Barbie" pink and the modern taffeta-stiff ruffle detail. It is very Runway, as well as Fashion Magazine Editorial. The up-swept DIVA hair and simple drop earrings are perfect: 9.95 (if I was scoring).
I also LOVED Miss Colombia Natalia Navarro. This silver iridescent embroidered one-shoulder Mermaid-style gown was perfect; all she needs is a crown. Again: Simple earrings finish it off--no need to hit the Forever 21 accessory bin ladies!
Silver and metallics were popular this year in gowns. Miss Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul (who wore an Elie Saab Haute Couture-looking dress in the "official gown photos") wore a one-shoulder silver number that was very sexy, daring and featured an iridescent peek-a-boo back. The big 1975-esque hair-bun is a bit much for me but the gown looks fabulous!
Another silver queen was Miss Philippines Venus Raj. I like this silver lame gown with the side bow detail. One of the best in my opinion.
Speaking of Silver Queens, Miss Puerto Rico Mariana Vicente WORKED IT OUT, looking like Beyonce and Paulina Rubio's "Lovechild" here in this silver sequined "mirrored" high-slit gown. It IS Over-The-Top and stage-fabuloso; you can make sure the kids from the cheap nose-bleed seats could still see her!
I also liked what Miss Ukraine Anna Poslavska wore. The 5'11" beauty looks regal in this gown. It's a simple, elegant off-the-shoulder style and fits her perfectly. The "sisters" are "out there" but I'm actually OK with that! She looks classy and not vulgar in this gown.
Miss Ireland Rozanna Purcell (who all my Pageant-loving friends think will take the crown) also wore a gown that I liked (different form the tacky panty-showing mess she wore before!) but I just didn't like her hair and that necklace. So not necessary. Here's a question: The gown looked A LOT like this one...
That Miss Albania wore. The color looks a bit different in each photo but I SWEAR it's the same dress! Are they roommates? Was Miss Ireland in need of a gown and turned to Miss Albania? Inquiring (fashion) minds want to know!
Finally, I am actually "on the fence" with Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson's royal blue satin side draped gown with jeweled neckline.
It was very similar to the gown she wore when she won her country's crown in September 2009 except that gown was a raspberry color (above and below).
I actually liked this one better--both the color and silhouette. I also liked her hair style better back then. That over-sized bun she wore on Thursday night's Preliminaries just makes her look too old. Marelisa seems like a young, "fresh" and sassy contestant, and that royal blue heavy gown doesn't parallel her personality.
Now onto The "Oh No You Didn't":
Miss China Tang Wen. The dress above is what she wore as her competition GOWN. No, it's NOT the National Costume competition. And then she adds those hideous black pumps. Go back and borrow a gown from Miss Albania huney!
For some reason, there were some serious Prom Disasters as well: Miss Sweden Michaela Savic's multi-tiered rose-pink mess was straight out of some cheap pageant-and-Prom boutique. Poor thang!
Miss Hungary Timea Babinyecz also opted for a Prom Disaster, but in black. She's very "mysterious" I guess. The side-swept 1982 hairstyle is KILLING ME!!!
Oh and poor Miss Sri Lanka Ishanka Madurasinghe. Let's just begin with how beautiful she is! Gorgeous. But the gown: I cannot stop looking at that RIPPLED seaming. Trust me, kiddies, that is NOT supposed to look like that...unless it is a cheap dress. I want to go up on stage and pull the thread down the sewing seam--to release all that tension (sorry, too much Fashion Class 101 Terminology).
Also: NEVER, and I mean NEVER, should you wear a "High Water/Flood" gown (like Miss Slovenia Marika Savsek). It needs to hit the floor ladies! It SCREAMS I-just-bought-this-from-the-store and they didn't have anything for a tall girl like me. Get the folks back at home to come up with enough money for a Custom Gown darling!
Finally, in my "Not So Good" list is the gorgeous Miss Canada Elena Semikina. She is 6'1" and only 26 years old. But she looks twice her age and might be a cast member on Real Housewives of Toronto! It's A LOT of leg and wait...are those organza ruffles added to the bottom (like the rest of the gown's details weren't enough!). Elena could win Miss Universe 2010...but not in this gown. We'll see what happens...
I can't wait to watch Miss Universe 2010 this Monday, August 23rd, and see who makes the Top 15 and REALLY see all the gowns---Good and Bad!

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Anonymous said...

Is the dress Miss Venezuela wore a specific brand cause i would love to buy that dress. the blue one btw

Anonymous said...

Miss Hungary 2012 wore a simular gown as Miss Hungary 2010. But only hers was white/cream.