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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Judging Miss UNIBARSE 2010 Fantasy Doll Pageant

Doll-Icious!!!!! Recently, I was asked to be one of the esteemed panel of "celebrity" judges for the most unique International Fantasy Doll Web-Pageant, Miss Unibarse. Now, this is not a misspelling on my part, but you read correct: MISS UNIBARSE NOT Miss Universe. Past judges for this pageant "phenomenon" have included former Miss Universes, fashion designers, photographers, and celebrity stylists from all over the globe. Nick Verreos and Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997, in Nikolaki by Nick Verreos David Paul Last year, my good friend, Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997 was also one of the celebrity judges and now, I guess it was my time to be asked. And I'm very happy for it. As you may know, besides fashion, I also love pageants and have dressed several beauty queens myself. Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009, in Nick Verreos for Orbit Gum Custom Gown Here's a little background on Miss Unibarse (in case you may still be saying "Say What?"): Miss Unibarse is the Miss Universe Pageant but for DOLLS (therefore the "BAR" for "Barbie"). Its originators began this as a creative project that would marry their love of pageants, dolls and photography. Dolls are transformed into one-of-a-kind beauties representing nations from all over the world, and given the whole "Miss Universe" treatment, and then judges get to vote--just like in the Miss Universe Pageant. There are all the usual categories including Presentation, Swimsuit, Evening Gown as well as National Costume. Last Year's Miss Japan Unibarse, in Traditional Costume Last Year's Miss Korea Unibarse (and the 2009 winner!), in Evening Gown There are even "Fadil-esque" (very similar to the Fadil Berisha photos for Miss Universe and Miss USA) photos like the one above from last year's contest. Last year's winner: Miss Korea getting crowned (looks just like a real Miss Universe crowning moment!) I have begun my judging and cast my first votes for the contestants and found myself--as I was clicking on all the photos--saying things like :"Oh I love HER hair!", or "Oh, she is working her pose and outfit!", and "Oooooh, she is SASSY!!!", as if they were REAL! I can't wait to see who the winner will be this year, there are LOTS of contenders. Here's a sample of this year's girls: Miss Colombia Unibarse 2010: Red hot Latina...and (almost) a wardrobe "malfunction"! Miss Angola Unibarse 2010: Work it huney, now that's an expensive WEAVE!!!Miss USA Unibarse 2010: Love the "flip" of her hair and "sultry" stare...Miss Czech Republic Unibarse 2010: She is SOOO Ivana Trump-meets-Zsa Zsa Gabor, I just know she will end up on the arm of a Russian Billionaire in a hot minute! To see the rest of the International Dollegates, click HERE.

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