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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 7

Couples Resort!
Tim Gunn and Michael Kors Await their Mimosa Brunch
This week was the Finale Fashion Show of Project Runway Season 8 in NYC Spring 2011Fashion Week. If you are reading this blog, you're probably already a fan of the show and know this of course. So, by now, all the "insiders" know who won the show...but in "TV Time", we're still on Episode 7 and there are lots of designers left on the show to weed out before we get to that (already happened) Finale NYC Fashion Week Fashion Show.
Resort Fashion Photo Shoot in Mykonos
So...this week (in "TV Time"), the designers met up with Father Tim and Diva Kors in front of (I presume) Heidi Klum's yacht where they were told of the new Challenge: To design a Resort Look, worthy to pack on a trip to say Mykonos, or the Amalfi Coast.

However, some of the designers thought they were going to either a tacky Las Vegas Pool Party hosted by Jon Gosselin...or a Pot Luck Picnic with Barbara Walters. It seemed as if some of these kids didn't know what "Resort" meant...They also were thrown a "Twist", to pair up and construct each other's designs...So you know there was lots of You-Can't-Make-Patterns-Michael C. DRAMA!!
Now, let's begin with showing you How Uncle Nicky Does Resort:
Last Month in Positano, the Amalfi Coast: Nick Verreos ready for dinner and some Limoncello...
And now...let me show you how some designers DO Resort:
Ready For the Yacht to Capri: Gucci by Frida Giannini, Resort 2011
St. Tropez Boho Caftan Chic: Chanel Resort 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld
And from one of our esteemed Project Runway Judges, Designer Michael Kors: Aspen Lodge Aperitif Hour from Michael Kors Resort 2011 (this one MIGHT have ended up on the bottom if one of the contestants would have made it, I ASSURE YOU!!!!)
I loved Andy South's bi-colored halter swimsuit with matching pareo/overkirt. This was VERY Resort and soooo chic.
It reminded me of Pucci Spring 2010 from Norwegian Designer Peter Dundas. But it was "too saleable" for the judges. And you don't want to be "Saleable" on Project Runway I guess...

"Latin Urkel" Mondo, designed a little ensemble that only a Gay Man's Best Girlfriend at the Roller Disco would wear. That or some Hostess at Jon Gosselin's Vegas Pool Party
(see top of this blog!). Cute but so not "High Rent" Resort Mondo...
Speaking of High Rent: Casanova went to the other extreme. The judges kept saying it looked too much like something a 70 year old would wear.
Well, Barbara Walters, here's your next Resort Ensemble, courtesy of Cuchi-Cuchi Casanova!
Here's a "Sneak Peak" at my Recap for this week:
You Want Me to Wear THAT to the Maui Hilton??? Oh these kids … these Season 8 "Project Runway" kids … More and more, as I watch, I feel like an old fogey designer/instructor, wanting to slap them all upside their coiffed heads with my pattern ruler for not really having a clue as to what the heck Resort Wear really is and for the "I-just-don't-do-patterns" excuses … But, I digress. Let's get to the matter at hand: This week's episode involves going on a fashionable vacation, more of the Michael C. He-Can't-Sew-fest (I am SOOO OVER that!) and a sad adios. Mimosas With Michael Kors The remaining designers were instructed — by drop-crotch, silk-charmeuse-pant-wearing Heidi — to meet Tim Gunn and "a very special guest" at the marina (didn't realize Manhattan had a marina!) for a mimosa-filled brunch. Once they arrived, Tim and Michael Kors were waiting for them, flanked by a fabulous yacht. The designers' Challenge: to create a Resort Wear look that captures their point of view, and is interesting, eye-catching and, of course, super fashionable. Kors also reminded the designers that Resort Wear could be anything from a swimsuit to a gown. Oh, what fun, I thought! I just recently returned from three weeks in Europe, where I spent some R&R time on the Amalfi Coast, so I KNOW what these resort divas wear; I was READY! But it seemed that some of the contestants were not......
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