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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Finale at NY Fashion Week

EVERYONE Gets To Go To NY Fashion Week!!!! (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)
Guess Who The Final Guest Judge Is: Nina Garcia, Jessica Simpson (in Michael Kors), Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
TEN designers from this current season of Project Runway showed last Thursday morning at the new site of Spring 2011 NY Fashion Week--Lincoln Center. Because Project Runway ended last weeks episode with ten contestants, ALL the remaining designers got to show in order not to spoil the "TV Finale Episode"--I was lucky enough to have been invited (I guess procuring tickets could be "a little crazy"!) BUT...alas I was unable to fly to NYC and attend because, as always: Duty Calls! I was flying to Miami to host the Macy's Fashion's Night Out Event and Fashion Show at the fabulous Aventura Mall.
Fashion's Night Out Macy's Miami/Aventura Mall Sneak Peak: Nick Verreos with Papi Underwear Spokesmodel Leonardo Corredor
Now back to the I-gotta-sit-through-TEN-Collections: Really there were only the Top Three left (or four sometimes) but because of the fact that ten were still "on TV", this is why this happened. Same thing as last season. I think it's NOT COOL. Sixteen Designers actually get to make it onto Project Runway, and now it seems that more than half of them (approx. 63 %, yes, I did the math kiddies!), make it to New York Fashion Week! Not only is that crazy, unfair but then it's almost like a surefire thing you'll make it to Fashion Week if you're still among the ten left! Isn't showing at NY Fashion Week one of the "Prizes"? It seems that Project Runway has fallen into current society's unfortunate pattern of giving out "trophies" even to the losers. But I digress. From the Photos of the Collections, Here is my Fave (just one) and Oh-What-Were-You-Thinking?
Here are two looks from Mondo Guerra's Collection, my favorite. It was VERY "Jay McCarroll" (Winner of Season 1) don't you think?
Fun, quirky, SALEABLE, maybe not so Bergdorf's but more Barney's Co-Op...still love it. Who would have thunk it? Go Latin Urkel!

General Patton Gretchen showed lots of coochie-cuting shorts sportswear. Again, from the photos, I was a little bit bored. I'm sure the fabrics were luxe but nothing to be like "Ooooh Girl, I'm forwarding those photos to my fashionista friends"!
Oh Michael C.! I am so routing for you baby. He did gowns and evening wear but something was amiss. Here's one of my favorite Muses (and besties!), model Lisa Blades, wearing one of his Final Collection gowns and yes, the top IS see-through! I wonder what those little kids in the front row (there are ALWAYS some little kids--children of the sponsors, TV big-wigs, producers, family etc.) were thinking? I know that Jason Wu just showed A LOT of see-through tops but...
And then he also showed this diaphanous pleated chiffon gown...and...are those her panties??? It's called A LINING Michael C.! Well, we will have to wait a few more weeks to see who the actual Top Three are and who really "made it" to Fashion Week. Wait, they ALL did!!!
Click Below to see my good friend, MISS Chloe Dao, Winner of Season 2, commentating after seeing the Finale Fashion Show (I LOVE what she says!!!!):

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Izzy said...

I hope Mondo wins... he is such an inspiration. He's my all-time PR fave. I agree about NYFW, I can't believe they had 10 designers show, so many who didn't deserve to show their collections on that runway. Can't wait to see the results!