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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Fashion Challenge, Minneapolis Minnesota: RECAP

A WARM Minneapolis Welcome!
Well It's You Girl And You Should Know It: Nick Verreos poses with the "Mary Richards/Mary Tyler Moore Statue", Minneapolis Minnesota
Last weekend, I traveled to Minneapolis Minnesota to host another Macy's Fashion Challenge Event. Several days before I left I did an interview with the Twin Cities' Star Tribune in lieu of my appearance and its reporter warned me "Bring some sweaters!". I immediately looked online and the "Ten Day Weather Report" said that for the days I would be there, it would be a cold 59 Degrees. Yeaay, I thought: I get to LAYER!!!
Nick Verreos Comes To Minneapolis Minnesota
Well kids, I made the mistake of not re-checking THE DAY I left to see if anything had changed, temperature-wise. I wore my trench coat, sweater and scarf on my flight: Yes, I was GIVING Fall! Upon arrival into Minneapolis, the pilot came on and said something I was not prepared to hear "Welcome to's a BALMY 85 Degrees". Say What? Yes, it was GORGEOUS! The night I arrived, I had a nice dinner with my Macy's PR girls and even posed with the famous Mary Tyler Moore Statue--in my Trench Coat and scarf!
Hair Did: Fantasia Salon, site of my Radio Interview, near Minneapolis Minnesota
The following day was my Macy's Fashion Challenge Event but before that, I had a "pit stop": I was to do a radio interview with the St. Paul/Minneapolis "Shop Girls" on myTalk 107.1 FM to talk all about my event, what's "In" for Fall 2010, and give DISH on Project Runway.
Fantasia Girls: The Shop Girls, Allison Kaplan and Alexis Walsko, Nick Verreos and Fantasia Salon Owner, Fantasia Hair Salon Crystal Minnesota
My interview took place at the Fantasia Hair Salon where they were doing a LIVE broadcast in honor of Breast Cancer Month. I had barely walked in and Allison Kaplan and Alexis Walsko--the Shop Girls--swooped me right in, gave me a mic and let me at it! Needless to say: I had a BLAST with the girls! L.O.V.E. them! Thank you Fantasia Hair Salon and Thank You Shop Girls!
I eventually made it to the Southdale Center in Edina Minnesota, the FIRST totally enclosed Mall built in the USA (I know, shut up!), where my Macy's event was taking place. Well, Edina does it right because they had a yummy Green Room feast of cheeses, vegetables, crackers, and chilled water ready for me, just in case I was hungry.
The first floor at Macy's and the Impulse Department (site of my event) was PACKED (love you Minnesota!) as I took the stage and began the Macy's Fashion Challenge. I came up with three "challenges" (How to Dress to Meet the In-Laws, How to Dress for NY Fashion Week, and How to Dress for a Blind Date) and I chose 2 audience members at random per challenge.
Edina Love: Nick Verreos and Macy's Southdale Fashion Challenge guests
They then had 2 minutes to dress the models from their rack and table of Macy's Fall 2010 garments and accessories. The Winners received $100 Macy's Gift Cards and the Runner-Up's got $25 Macy's Gift Cards. So, basically it was a win-win for both of them! The Edina Minneapolis crowd was very rowdy and eager and loved the Challenges.
Nick Verreos with a Mommy-Daughter team at Macy's Southdale, Edina Minnesota
I was scared they'd get mad at me for not picking some of them but in the end, they were GREAT! Not only did I have lots of Mom-Daughter fans come to my event, I also had lots of little fashionistas:
Maybe Macy's will one day ask me to design a pre-tween line of clothing--"Little Fashionista by Nick Verreos"--I like the sound of that!
Thanks Edina, Minneapolis and Minnesota for bringing the warm weather and the even warmer hospitality! Love you and cannot wait to return!
*Click HERE for my Star Tribune Interview *Click HERE for my entire Radio Interview with myTalk 107.1 FM The Shop Girls *Click BELOW for a really GREAT Video of my Macy's Minneapolis Event:

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