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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 12


The "Dress To A Chic NY Funeral Challenge"?
The Funeral Brigade: Designs by (L-R) Mondo Guerra, Gretchen Jones, Andy South, Michael Costello, and April Johnston
This past Thursday was the 12Th (!) Episode of Season 8 of Project Runway...and the Theme was "The Big Apple". They had 2 days and $500...and all they came up with was a sea of BLACK!
Yes, New York City was the remaining designers' muse and they were "allowed" by the Honorable Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Distinguished Tim Gunn to use specific Landmarks: The Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and the Lower East Side as their inspiration.
Instead of a celebration of NYC and all its Landmarks, it became a FUNERAL. A very Chic one at that! (I never would have imagined I would have used BOTH a coffin AND a funeral reference when writing about Project Runway). If you had tuned in mid-way through, you probably would have thought that yes, in fact, the Challenge for this week was "Create a Look for a Very Chic Funeral". The designs the contestants created reminded me a lot of...
These looks that very chic and famous women (L-R: Supermodel Naomi Campbell, French actress Ariel Dombasle, Heiress Fashionista Daphne Guinness, and designer Stella McCartney) wore at recent high-profile funerals of Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent. Actually, I like these outfits BETTER than the ones I saw on Thursday night!
Here are some suggestions of what I would have rather seen--as creations inspired by some of those NYC Landmarks: Central Park:
Andy South did an all BLACK (yep, no surprise) mini dress that was supposed to have been inspired by Central Park. There was NOTHING in it that said Central Park. I would have loved to have seen something with COLOR! Those gorgeous greens, something with texture. How about something along the lines of...
This Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture hand-woven dress from his "Mexico" Collection. I know, maybe take out the leaves on the hair but at least, it's A) Creative, B) Looks like it cost money and took a lot of work, and C) It has COLOR. Or maybe something like...
This colorful printed dress from Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring 2010 Collection. It may not be Andy's "aesthetic" but hey, it might be nice to see the more "softer/feminine" side of him.
Lower East Side:
Not-so-nice "Miss Critique Corner" designer Gretchen Jones picked the Lower East Side and created my LEAST favorite look of the night. It was a mess, looked off-the-rack, and didn't even go together. She was still safe, of course. Reality TV loves a villain, kids...But I wished I would have seen something more along the lines of...
This Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière denim-blue skinny pant and hoodie jacket ensemble with colored tank from his Spring 2010. Hot, edgy, and oh so "fashion girl living in the Lower East Side". But oh well, no such luck.
Statue of Liberty:
Michael Costello chose the fabulous Statue of Liberty and made a BLACK halter gown with a VERY HIGH side-front slit and VERY LOW back. There's a rule in design when it comes to these details: One but NOT both! Unless it's the Miss Universe Pageant! I would have been happier seeing a gown like...
This one above from Stephane Rolland Fall 2010 Haute Couture. It's got the one shoulder silhouette, the draping and even a bit of detail at the hem to suggest a bit of weight the you attribute to such a grand statue. Well, irregardless, Michael C. still won with this design leaving lots of people thinking "Say What??". Speaking of What the H***? , when asked what fabric was his dress, he didn't know. HE DIDN'T KNOW!!! It's not even cute.
Michael, I love ya, but I may have to give you an extensive course on Textiles in my Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM classroom, but first you have to register and enroll!

In the end, it was April Johnston who got the boot this week, with her almost-all BLACK asymmetrical dress with zippered corseted bustier. In my blog for, I admitted I kinda liked. It reminded me of something along the lines of a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci , dark, Gothic, yet still feminine. However, the judges--and especially Michael Kors--thought it looked more like this:
Yep, a Witch! A pregnant one at that. Oh well, with that, April got on a broom and left the Parsons Workroom, sad but privately happy knowing that she still would show at NY Fashion Week--along with like 22 other "Auf'ed" designers...
Here's a Sneak Peak of my Recap of this Episode: Witchy Vs. Bitchy Gretchen should have been OUT. There, I said it. But she wasn't. I knew she was going to be in the "Final Four" since … well, since she uttered her first "I think EVERYONE ELSE'S designs SUCK!" critique. PLEASE, I'm too jaded. But still … What the heck did I just witness last night?: An uninspiring, off-the-rack outfit got put through by the judges, on "Project Runway." Do I sound frustrated? Yes. That's because I am. Last night's episode — and challenge — had such potential, yet I was — to quote Michael Kors — underwhelmed (by all the black) and unusually mad! What were the judges thinking? Well, let's find out … Click HERE to read the ENTIRE Recap!!! And make sure to leave your Thoughts! I love reading them!

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Anonymous said...

The Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey not in New York. Too bad that was never pointed out when the winner was inspired by NJ not NY.