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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Venezuela 2010: Good Gowns and No Bueno

Venezuela's Queen of Beauty Is...
Vanessa Goncalves, "Miss Miranda". 5'9", 24 year old Vanessa was crowned last week in a four hour ceremony that for the first time was held in oil-rich Maracaibo, Venezuela. The Miss Venezuela Pageant is famous for being "The International Beauty Factory" since they have had so many Miss Universes (TWO back to back in 2008 and 2009 with Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernandez), Miss Worlds, Miss Internationals, and so on.
Pre-Blond: Brunette Vanessa Goncalves, the new Miss Venezuela 2010
I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and my sister Rita,was a contestant in Miss Venezuela 1988 so I have been a fan of the pageant, well, since "back in the day"! I know all the in's and out's of the pageant (my sis gave me all the dish!) . But many people already know that the pageant is ruled with a firm hand by "Beauty Pageant Czar" Osmel Sousa.
Pre-tan: The new Miss Venezuela 2010, Vanessa Goncalves
He chooses the women to compete each year via castings and then "gives" them the State they will represent so most of the time, the girls do not even hail from the state/region they are representing (there are one or two state contests that then send their winner to the Miss Venezuela). They go through an intense one year training program; there's an in-house Plastic Surgeon, a Dentist, as well as runway and voice coaches. It's SERIOUS!!! It is widely rumored that Sousa also chooses months ahead--if not one year --who the winner will be. He also chooses the gowns that each of "his girls" will wear.
In Their Thrones: Miss Venezuela for Miss Universe 2011 (left) and Miss Venezuela for Miss World 2011 (right)
The Miss Venezuela Pageant has always been famous for its gowns--be it over-the-Haute Couture to over-the-top tacky. But no "Happy Medium", just over the top. And this year, there was no shortage of both. It's a safe bet that whichever girl is wearing the "best gown" will probably win; it's not an accident. I just feel bad for the girls that get the "Oh what the heck is that?" gowns! They MUST know that, well, this ain't their year darling... Now onto the Miss Venezuela 2010 Evening Gowns:
Blue Queen: One of the best gowns was worn was by The Winner (of course), Vanessa Goncalves, a baby blue silk Habotai multi-layered gown with coral sequin detail and high side slit (of course!) by Designer Gionni Straccia, who has designed the winning gowns for various Miss Venezuela's at the Miss Universe.
The jeweled detail is his "thing" and can also be seen on the gown Stefania Fernandez wore when she won Miss Universe 2009 as well as...
Miss Oklahoma USA 2010 Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, who was First Runner to Miss USA 2010 earlier this year, in this gown by Gionni Straccia.
1984 Overskirt: Miss Amazonas Ivian Sarcos was crowned Miss World Venezuela (First Runner Up) in this silver-gray strapless fitted gown with attached over-skirt by Rex Fabrics Miami (?). The base gown was fine by itself and didn't need that over-skirt but after all, it is the Miss Venezuela, and we must always take it, FIVE steps further. It's a little 1984 for me, but I still somehow liked it! (1984 was a good "Gown Year" I hear!).
It also reminded me of this fuchsia gown worn by Jacqueline Aguilera (from Venezuela of course!), when she was crowned Miss World 1995, which also featured this similar over-skirt silhouette. But again, this was 1995. That's FIFTEEN years ago!
Here's My Leg: My favorite of the entire night--gown and girl--was Miss Monagas--the exotically beautiful Angela Ruiz. She is SO Mestiza Filipina GORGEOUS!!! Pageant fans on the world-wide web argued that maybe she was "too exotic" to win the Miss Venezuela title.
Her blue-green one shoulder gown by Rafael Cennamo was Red Carpet Ready--I could totally see an A-List actress wear this at the Academy Awards--and I could still see her wear it at Miss Universe. Alas, she isn't going. She did make it to the Top 5 at least. How she didn't win is beyond me. Another favorite (gown) of mine was...
Miss Nueva Esparta Melanie Reza Feliz (who was a semi-finalist of course: Hello, pretty gown=Finalist!) in this bubblegum pink column gown with silver details. I'm a sucker for Bubblegum Pink...but NOT this Bubblegum Pink:
Now the Not-So-Bueno: Oh Dear! Miss Sucre Ariana Kuper Osorio sauntered onto the Miss Venezuela 2010 stage in this dress and it was just all about a mess! Needless to say, poor thang didn't even make the Semi-Finals. This silk gazar gown features a lot of Couture-worthy draping, folding and pleating...but maybe TOO MUCH! It was overwhelming and yes, she should have known when she got this dress that possibly she wasn't going to "make the cut".
Red Carpet Not: Another beauty who was "Gown-ill-advised" was Miss Cojedes Eliana Calicchia Arcila. Although in this photo, it doesn't look so bad but trust me kids, it wasn't good! She could barely walk in it (not a good sign) and looked like Big Bird after she got caught in a wind storm. In case you're wondering, yeah, she didn't make the top ten. I bet she doesn't even get to keep the gown (why would you want it?). But there was worse:
It's a Jumpsuit...No, It's A Gown: Miss Dependencias Federales Axel Lopez Aldana takes the "Miss Drag Queen Venezuela Gown Prize", for this concoction that I'm sure every Gay in the room was SCREAMING for (and not in a good way!). I give the designer and her "Nick V. Points" for being SO Camp--and the audacity of her to actually wear it--but seriously: What was she thinking? This is Miss Venezuela for the Miss Universe, not Miss Hot Stripper in Vegas.
See, this is why I LOVE the Miss Venezuela and the gowns! Until next year!

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