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ICE STYLE.....Skate Canada 2010: Ladies, Men, Ice Dance

Miss Grand Prix Canada Is...
Sequin Trimmed Podium: The Top Three Ladies, Ksenia Makarova (Russia), Alissa Czizny (US, won the Gold), Amelie Lacoste (Canada)
I'm so excited to be back for another week of Figure Skating Fashion Two Cents for this Grand Prix Season. Last week we were in Japan (well, I wasn't unfortunately but they were!), and now...
We cross many, many time zones and arrive in Canada for the Grand Prix: Skate Canada edition. Let the Sequins, Asymmetrical Hemlines and Glue-Gun Begin:
Mandarin Evita: Figure Skaters and especially Russian Figure Skaters love a good asymmetrical costume. And Ksenia Makarova, skating to Evita for her long program, did not disappoint.
While she definitely was on the right track with the deep red color and very Eva Peron hairdo, the asymmetrical Nehru/Mandarin collar made the whole look literally askew--and also not "Country-appropriate" for the Argentine Muse.
Where's My Bayonet: Patrick Chan has decided to go "green" this season and recycle last seasons long program. He once again skated to Phantom of the Opera in this slightly period inspired all black costume.
Chan is one of those skaters that chooses simplicity over drama and although there is nothing wrong with this look, he definitely could have used an update. And he looked like he was doing a bad Civil War Reenactment as opposed to The Phantom!
Retro Chic: Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier were definitely one of my favorite skates across all disciplines. They skated to Eleanor Rigby, and although I must admit I am not a huge Beatles fan (sorry!) I am a huge fan of Christopher Dean. His choreography is breathtaking and always innovative. These costumes were a perfect match for this program. The simplicity and retro vibe they portrayed, allowed the program to speak for itself. They actually got me to like The Beatles...just for 4 minutes.

Cha-Cha 1986: When I first saw Gorshkova and Butikov hit the ice, I said “Oh Dear!”, I should have said “Ay Caramba!”. They skated to a Cha-Cha medley and their costumes, though bold and exuberant, reminded me of a cross between “Blades of Glory” and...
Some tacky dance show review in Reno—circa 1986.

Scheherazade Aerobics: Fumie Suguri of Japan skated to Bagoa's Dance from stretch velvet pants! Now, Fumie was one of the first skaters to bring back pants to women’s skating a few years ago: Several seasons ago she looked sleek in a black pant suit ensemble, but here she is just a hot mess.
She looks like my “kooky” Aunt from Boca Raton going to her Aerobics Class at the Marriott, headband and all.

Ole!: Cynthia Phaneuf was at the top of her game during the short program in this one sleeve gold beaded costume. She looked sleek and modern and I loved her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail, very “fashion runway” in fact. Every detail accentuated her Spanish Theme perfectly—and not one Red Rose in sight (take note ladies!).
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