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NICK APPEARANCES.....Magical Elves 10th Annual Holiday Party: Elf Fest X

Magical Party...
Project Runway Couple: Nick Verreos and Kit Scarbo at the Magical Elves Tenth Annual Holiday Party
This last weekend was the Tenth Annual Magical Elves Holiday Party. Magical Elves were the original producers for the first five seasons of Project Runway. They currently are the people behind Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts, The Real L Word, and others. The company--headed by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz--has been having a Holiday Party for the last ten years!
For the "ELF Fest X", they went "all out" as usual, fake snow blowing at the entrance, fully-stocked bars, food for DAYS (the Vegi-Pizza slices and Pigs-in-a-Blanket were my fave), a Sushi Bar and much more.
Bieber Fever: "Elf Fest X" Hosts Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz pose with Justin Bieber cut-out
There was a Photo-Booth and even a fake cut-out of Justin Bieber for drunk--and not-so-drunk guests to live out their "I LOVE ME SOME Justin Bieber" fantasies. I brought along a couple of my best friends, naturally.
Say (Holiday) Cheese: Nick Verreos with friends Erik Moreno (l) and Matt Brubaker (center), Magical Elves Tenth Anniversary Holiday Party
The annual party also asks its guests to bring a toy to benefit the USMC Toys For Tots Program. Waiting to get into the party--with my huge Barbie Gift--it looked as if I was the only guest who obliged by this special "Gift Request", but once I got in, it was nice to see that the "Toy Boxes" were full!
Disco Anyone: The Scene at the Magical Elves Tenth Anniversary Holiday Party
Outside, the party was in full-on "Dance Fever" mode as the house's pool was covered in Plexiglas and transformed into a fabulous dance party with the DJ spinning tunes--from Hip Hop to Disco and 80s.
Producer Love: Nick Verreos and Michael Rucker, Emmy-nominated Producer (and friend)--Love his Vintage X-mas Sweater Vest--yes, it's a SWEATER VEST!
As always, I had a BLAST (I always do at the Magical Elves Parties) and it was especially nice to re-connect with my old Project Runway "family" from back-in-the-day (Gosh, Season 2 was SOOOO long ago!). They've always been kind and respectful to me, and I will always return the sentiments. Can't wait for next year's Holiday Party!

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