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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network Holiday Party Lucky Strikes Lanes/Lounge

Bowling FASHION Pins, Onion Rings, Holiday Cocktails, and a beautiful Hollywood & Highland Xmas Tree...
Editor Sandwich : Nick Verreos and two TV Guide's "The Fashion Team" editors
Last week, I was invited to yet, another Holiday Bash: This time it was the TV Guide Network Holiday Party, which was being held at Lucky Strikes Lanes/Lounge at Hollywood & Highland. Fresh off my "Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2010" segment which I filmed at the W Hotel Los Angeles with stylist Jen Rade and host Lawrence Zarian--in ICE SKATES!!!---
I braved the torrential LA rains (those three words do not belong in a sentence!) and went to the party! I wanted to say "Heeeyyy" to all my wonderful co-workers and the amazing TV Guide people who make me look good (or at least try!) and maybe get some "Holiday" cocktails and nibblings...
Lucky Strike Lanes/Lounge, Hollywood & Highland Complex
Once I arrived at Lucky Strike Lanes/Lounge, the party was in full swing with hundreds of TV Guide-ers drinking, bowling (I know, seriously!?) and partaking in the delicious food that was out. I spotted salads, desserts and even some onion rings (my favorite!). Unfortunately, there were too many prying eyes and I didn't want to show that GAYS actually EAT (so I didn't--but trust me, you KNOW I wanted to ask for a "To-Go" bag!).
Bowling (NOT!) Buddies: Nick Verreos and Michael Anthony Nalepa, TV Guide Holiday Party Lucky Strikes
I didn't see my fellow "The Fashion Team" cohorts--Miss Jen Rade and Lawrence Zarian (I heard I had just missed him!), and I didn't see Chris Harrison (Host of "The Bachelor" and the TV Guide Red Carpet Awards Pre-Shows), but...I did get to hang out with a lot of the behind-the-scenes kids: I said "Hola" to several of my producers (LOVE them!), segment directors, cameramen, sound guys and editors (REALLY LOVE THEM!).
Not that $11 Million Tree: The gorgeously lit Hollywood & Highland Christmas Tree
I had a really fun time, and in case y'all were wondering, NO, I did not bowl. I just mingled. It's more fashionable...Happy Holidays, be safe, be merry and always be FASHIONABLE...and take onion rings TO GO!!!!!

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