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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" End of The Year Show


Fashion Ice Capades, A Meat Dress, Cinnabon Couture and CHILL-in' at the W Los Angeles!
Michelle Kwan I Am Not: Nick Verreos does a leg lift on ice skates, filming TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team", Chill at the W Los Angeles/Westwood
Oh how quickly time flies..when you're having "Red Carpet" DISHING fun! Yes, kiddies, this week was the last episode--for 2010--of my TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" show-and the fun and always insightful segment we lovingly call "WTF?", or "What's The Fashion?" (yeah, I bet you thought those initials stood for something else--Dirty Mind!).
Can I Get a "W": The W Hotel Los Angeles Chill entrance
For this last installment, host Lawrence Zarian, myself, and stylist Jen Rade--who just recently styled Cher in THIS and Angelina Jolie in THIS--met up at the W Los Angeles Hotel (near UCLA's Westwood's Campus) and enjoyed some CHILL time.
Westwood Ice: W Hotel Los Angeles
Well, actually, we filmed the entire episode at the W Los Angeles Chill space, where the pool was transformed into an outdoors skating rink! (I know, Shut Up Sasha Cohen!) Now, we all know how much I LOVE ME some Figure Skating so you know I was like a 21 year-old gay boy at a Lady Gaga Concert: Loving It!
Ice Skating Threesome: Jen Rade, Lawrence Zarian and Nick Verreos, at W Los Angeles Chill Ice Skating Rink
Jen, Lawrence and I donned our skates and got right to it. I was trying to do my best QUAD (not!) while Jen was just looking FAB in her newly-purchased TopShop ensemble from her recent trip to NYC styling Miss Jolie for the NY Premiere of "The Tourist".
Any White Skates? The Skating Boot Section, Chill at the W Hotel Los Angeles
For this final "What's The Fashion?" Wrap-Up, we went down the list of our "Top Ten Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2010". Well, naturally, there were MANY moments that we had to chose from--both good and not-so-good. The whole point was that they had to be Memorable...
Ivory Red Carpet Queen: Actress Claire Danes in that Armani Prive ivory sequined made-to-order (if you had to actually buy this gown, it would set you back $100,000+ kids!) strapless gown made the cut, of course. Danes was MY choice for one of the BEST Dressed gals of the entire year in this gown. The clean modern hair, the simple yet elegant make-up, the no-borrowed-jewelry-to-hawk look: Simply Sublime.
Two gals who made our "Most Memorable Top Ten List" for mixed reasons--were actress Charlize Theron's "Cinnabon" Christian Dior by John Galliano rose-pink Duchesse satin gown (yes, with those infamous twist-a-roo bust details!), and "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana in her Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown.
And finally, there was Lady Gaga...
Now you KNOW Miss Lady Gaga and THIS Meat Dress had to make our "Top Ten" List--In fact, it was Numero Uno. For Better or Worse. I really hope she didn't head to Benihana's after the MTV Awards...Just sayin'
*In case you missed it, you can watch the episode again on these dates: Dec 22, 24, and 26, as well as January 3rd--Click HERE for all the times. Or Click Below to watch the latest What's The Fashion Segment!
Here's to lots more Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments for 2011!!!! Adieu for now---

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