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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" at FIDM Museum

TV Guide's "The Fashion Team" Goes Back To School...
Museum Chic: Jen Rade and Nick Verreos, filming the TV Guide Network "The Fashion team" TV segment, FIDM Museum & Galleries
Hello fashion darlings: Last week, I had the privilege of shooting one of my weekly "Fashion Team What's The Fashion?" segments for the TV Guide Network at my Alma Mater and the College of which I am not only an Instructor but also the Spokesperson: The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM. They asked if maybe they could film an episode there, and let's just say I might have "helped" in making it happen...
As you may know, every week, Stylist and Costume Designer Jennifer Rade and I give our expert "two cents" in the week's rundown of celeb red carpet fashion--and we have our Host-with-the-Most, Lawrence Zarian keep us in check...
Three Fashion Musketeers: Lawrence Zarian, Jennifer Rade and Nick Verreos, FIDM Museum & Galleries
This time, we actually filmed at the wonderful FIDM Museum & Galleries Exhibition, Re-Designing History: FIDM Museum Study Collection 1850-2000, which runs until NEXT WEEK (December 17Th).
Disco Fever: Bob Mackie Design from the late 1970s, FIDM Museum & Galleries
The exhibition showcases the creations through the decades from designers such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent, James Galanos and Bob Mackie.
Orient Express: Yves Saint Laurent Cotton Corduroy Jacket and Wool Gabardine pants ensemble,c. 1977, FIDM Museum & Galleries
The FIDM Museum Study Collection is unique in that it is a major inspiration resource for students and research and if, for example, I wanted to pull items to show my students, THIS "Study Collection" would be fully available to me. It was at the FIDM Museum & Galleries, where Jen Rade and I filmed a little segment highlighting some of our favorite pieces from the exhibition.
Find Professor Nick: Nick Verreos (background) with students, FIDM Classroom
We also filmed at some of the fabulous FIDM classrooms. In fact, Jen, Lawrence, and I actually shot our "What's The Fashion?" segment in one of the classrooms where Project Runway Season 6 filmed in! We had actual students going about their draping, pattern making and sketching "business" in the classroom, as we commented on what the latest Hollywood A-List celebs were wearing on the red carpet.
Drawing Board: Nick Verreos Fashion Illustrations from the TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" shoot at FIDM Campus
Speaking of Sketches...the producers asked if I could quickly do some of my fashion illustrations for "background art", for the shoot. Well, naturally, I was like "done and done"! I had such a great time shooting my TV Guide "The Fashion Team" segment at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM and I am so thankful that they were able to make it happen!!!! Check out the latest What's The Fashion video below:

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