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WHO WORE WHAT?.....17th Annual SAG Awards: Natalie Portman in Azzaro

Natalie Portman in Custom Azzaro Spring 2010
"Black Swan" actress Natalie Portman wore a strapless white silk crepe column gown from Azzaro and its Argentine Designer Vanessa Seward. First of all, can Natalie Portman get MORE beautiful? Her make-up, hair: Absolutely GLOWING. Now onto her gown: It looks like a combination of two dresses from the Azzaro Spring 2010 Collection originally shown two years ago on October 2009 (it still looks fresh and modern kids!). One is long and features pleated drapes originating from the bust at center front with no neckline trim-but styled with a gold sequin bolero (as seen above).
Azzaro Spring 2010
And the other is a shorter more trapeze-shaped cocktail dress which has almost the same crystal trim at the neckline as in Portman's. I like this gown on Natalie and it's nice to see a pregnant young lady wearing a fitted column gown instead of a tent-line Empire-style one. I'm just thinking it might be a little too tight on her. What do guys think?

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