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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team", Levi's L.A. Showroom

One Can Never Have Too Many Jeans...
Align CenterI Want That Pillow: Nick Verreos filming TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" Show, Levi's Showroom Los Angeles
This past week we filmed our latest--the first of 2011!-TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" show, on location from the Levi's Showroom in Los Angeles. The Showroom is located in West Hollywood North of Sunset Blvd., in a fabulous Craftsman-style home. When you walk in it's like you're in DENIM HEAVEN!!!!
Denim Comes In Three: Lawrence Zarian, Jen rade and Nick Verreos, Levi's Showroom Los Angeles
And I was--along with my "Fashion Team" cohorts--stylist Jen Rade and host Lawrence Zarian. It wasn't very difficult to style myself the morning of the shoot while at home, since I basically have a entire section in my Walk-In Closet devoted to Levi's: I own SO MANY Levi's it's kind of RIDICULOUS:
Italian Levi's: Nick Verreos and fellow Project Runway Alumna, Season 6's Althea Harper while in Florence Italy Summer 2010 at the Polimoda Institute, wearing Levi's Super Skinny 510 jeans
Levi's Angels: Nick Verreos Hosts a Fashion Institute of Design & merchandising/FIDM event at their San Diego Campus, wearing Levi's Capital E Matchstick Slim Straight jeans
I have about TEN pairs--black, regular denim, Tiffany Blue (I know: Shut Up!) and... even a Kelly Green pair (Hello! What part of "Nick Loves Color" did you not understand?), plus, of course, several Levi's shirts and jackets. So, for the shoot, I got my zip-up band-collar Levi's Jacket out and my black Super Skinny 510's (My Fave!) and called it a day! (I threw in a Marc Jacobs dress shirt and an old Urban Outfitters knit tie for balance).
Looks Like My Closet: Neatly folded jeans at the Levi's Showroom Los Angeles
It was great fun being at the Levi's Showroom and PS: Those Showroom reps are SOOO CUTE!!! (sorry guys!). I also loved that they had their own Embroidery Machine (at first I thought it was some sort of a super-duper overlock/serger machine) and a steam/iron set-up right in the middle of the Showroom. Custom, well-pressed jeans possibly?
Embroidery Central: A View inside the Levi's Showroom Los Angeles
The Episode--in which we give our "Fashion Two Cents" on what celebs wore on New Year's Eve, as well as the first week of the new year--- premiered on Friday but you can still catch it: Monday Jan 10 1:30PM, Wednesday Jan 12 1PM, and Friday Jan 14 6PM For Now, You Can Watch Our "Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2010" segment from TV Guide "The Fashion Team" TV Show:

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