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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" Goes To Bliss Spa

BLISS-ful Filming:
The Fashion Team at Bliss Spa Hollywood: Lawrence Zarian, Jen Rade and Nick Verreos
Last week, we filmed our latest episode of Season 7's TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" on location at Bliss Spa Hollywood located at the W Hollywood Hotel. Well, I don't think you'll be surprised when I tell you that I LOVE me some Bliss products.
The Best Valet Waiting Area Ever: W Hollywood Hotel
My Dream Bathroom: Bliss Store, W Hollywood
Let me further explain: A) I just love beauty products PERIOD, but B) Ever since the first time I ever stayed at a W Hotel ages ago, and tried out their hotel room's products--Bliss of course--I was a confirmed fan. I especially LOVE the Body Butter and their Lemon and Sage Supershine Shampoo.
NIKOLAKI Gowns on the Runway, W Hotel San Diego Rooftop "Beach" Bar and Lounge
Several years ago, my design partner David Paul and I showed our NIKOLAKI Collection at the W Hotel San Diego at their rooftop "Beach" area and they put us up in the most AMAZING suite with soooooo many Bliss Products, I thought I died and went to BLISS Heaven!
Happy Birthday Miss Jen: Birthday Girl Jen Rade, with Lawrence Zarian and Nick Verreos, Bliss Spa Hollywood
This time--for TV Guide's "The Fashion Team"--the show in which host Lawrence Zarian, stylist Jen Rade and I give our commentary on the Red Carpet "Hits" and "Misses" of the past week--we were at Bliss to film--not to snag some products! It also just happened to be Jen Rade's Birthday as well! Anyone for a Bliss-Product Birthday Cake???
Spa-llywood: Bliss Store and Spa, W Hollywood
Of course, when I found out that we were filming at Bliss, I had to wear my brightest aqua-blue skinny H&M jeans and matching "driving" loafers which I bought in Positano Italy (sorry I had to drop that!), so I could (kinda) match the decor and brand's color scheme.
What Time Is It: It's Bliss Time, the clock at Bliss Spa Hollywood
We had so much fun filming and at one point, the producers asked if we wanted to get a "faux pedicure" and dip our toes into sudsy Bliss water for a scene. "Done and Done" I said! The episode debuted last Friday but you can still catch it Monday Jan 24 1:30PM and Wednesday Jan 26 1PM on the TV Guide Network--check your local cable listings. But for now, you can enjoy this: Here's Last Week's Fashion Team "Red Carpet Hit or Miss" segment from The Montage Beverly Hills:

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