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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network's 2011 Golden Globes Fashion Wrap: RECAP

It's a New Awards Season!!!
The Adams...I Mean "Fashion Wrap"...Family: (Clockwise L to R) Kara Birkenstock, Kim Vo, Nick Verreos, Jen Rade and Lawrence Zarian, 2011 Golden Globes Fashion Wrap
Last Sunday, as y'all (yes, I'm a "Southern Belle" at heart!) know, were the 68Th Annual Golden Globe Awards (Oh Ricky Gervais, you're so cheeky!) and as usual, the following Monday, it was time to give our Fashion "Hits" and "Misses", Best and Not-so-Good, on our TV Guide Network Golden Globes Fashion Wrap. Early Monday morning, I got to the TV Guide studios--armed with my "cheat sheet" from all the fashion "Who Wore What" homework I had done the night before. Thank goodness, I had my NIKOLAKI--and blogging partner--David Paul helping me out with HOURS upon HOURS of research.
Lofty: The TV Guide Fashion Wrap set, TV Guide Studios
The new set looked AMAZING, with a sleek black leather couch from one of my favorite furniture showrooms, HD Buttercup, minimalist Mid-Century looking tables, a new plushy rug, and a "view" of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline; it looked very "Downtown LA Loft". I was excited to re-join my Fashion Team host-with-the-most, Lawrence Zarian, as well as my Fashion Team "girlfriend", Jen Rade who was fresh off of styling the STUNNING Angelina Jolie the night before in that Made-to-Order emerald green sequin paillette Versace Atelier gown. Also joining the "Fashion Wrap" team were Master Colorist to the Stars and Stylist Kim Vo, and the beautiful shoe expert Kara Birkenstock. The show debuted this Monday night and it was as much fun to tape as it was to watch!
Sitting Pretty: Nick Verreos, Jen Rade, Lawrence Zarian, Kim Vo and Kara Birkenstock, TV Guide Golden Globes Fashion Wrap
In case you missed it, well: You're in luck. A) You can still catch it on TV Guide Network: Sat Jan 22 11AM, Sun Jan 23 3PM, and Sun Jan 30 2PM, OR... B) I've got the entire show below. So pour yourself some coffee--or Red Wine--and click away and watch our crazy TV Guide 2011 Golden Globes Fashion Wrap--and let me know if you Agreed or Disagreed, with our comments and/or picks. I promise I won't be offended. That's the great part about fashion, EVERYONE can have an opinion, it's all very subjective--as well as fun!
Watch TV Guide 2011 Golden Globes Fashion Wrap Below:

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