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NIKOLAKI.....Wedding Gown sketch for Kate Middleton,

A Wedding Gown Fit for a (Future) Queen!
Nick Verreos/NIKOLAKI Design for Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown
As part of a "promo" run-up to the Lifetime Network premiere of the much-anticipated "William & Kate: Let Love Rule" movie--based on the romance (of course!) of Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Middleton...
I was asked, along with many, many Project Runway Alumni (over 50 so far!), to submit a sketch for "my vision" for Kate Middleton's wedding gown. After much thought--about two seconds--I said "Of Course!".
As you may know from reading my NICKVERREOS.COM Blog here, I LOVE me a Royal Wedding and I also love me a Royal or two. Reading one too many "Hola!" Magazines as a young child in Venezuela (and still to this day!!) leads to this syndrome I call "Royalty OBSESSED". I sketched out my idea for Kate's perfect wedding gown which was: An ivory silk mikado fit-to-flare column high-neck drop-shoulder gown with hand-encrusted Swarovski crystals at the neckline, waist and hem of the gown. It featured a plunging back and a detachable train with stiffened cascaded folds for dramatic architectural effect. My design also has a Chantilly Lace and silk tulle veil and of course, the same Spencer Crown worn by Princess Diana on her Wedding Day (above). White gloves and THAT engagement ring finish off the look. Hope you like my fashion illustration and design vision for Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown. Click HERE to check out some of the other great designs the former Project Runway designers sketched for Kate's "Big Day".

2 Responses to "NIKOLAKI.....Wedding Gown sketch for Kate Middleton,"

muslim marriage events said...

Aww... so beautiful. I think her gown will be in synch with the royal wedding cake.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Good for him. I bet he is extremely happy that his son is allowed to marry for love and not like him, as he was forced to pick someone who was a virgin and fit the royal status. How sad that he was not allowed to pick for love to begin with but at least he is with his true love at last.