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NICK HOSTS.....Nick Verreos at Boston's Emerson College MONDAY April 4th

Boston Rolls Out The "Rainbow Colored" Carpet...and the Runway...
Nick Verreos is Catwalking to Boston...on Monday night!!!
Tomorrow--as you may have read HERE, I am flying to Chicago to host a "Putting It All Together" Macy's Event at Macy's State Street on Saturday. And then, I'm off to Boston Massachusetts. Why Boston, you ask? Well, kids, I've been invited by the Fashion Society of Boston's Emerson College to give a very special lecture as part of their "Fashion Week Spring 2011" festivities. In case you didn't know--The Fashion Society of Emerson College in Boston is celebrating Spring 2011 Fashion Week with several great events--fashion shows, a 'Top Model Contest"-- with ALL PROCEEDS going to The Trevor Project, best known for "It Gets Better" campaign. As a big supporter of The Trevor Project, LGBT issues, and lover of Fashion...I am honored to be part of the events and on Monday April 4Th, I will be at Emerson College's Bill Bordy Theater for a very special appearance and lecture, entitled (Wait For It!)..."Fashion God: Nick Verreos" (if I can only LIVE up to that!!!). Of course, I'll also pose for Facebook pics afterward--and if you come, you have a good chance you might end up on THIS little ol' BLOG of mine because....YES, I will be posting a FUN Recap of my time in Emerson College! (in other words: DRESS to Impress Emerson College Fashionistas!!) What: Nick Verreos Lecture on Fashion, Project Runway and LGBT Issues When: Monday April 4, 2011 Time: 8-10PM Where: Emerson College Boston, Bill Bordy Theater *Click HERE for Entire Event Details *For More Info. and Questions: Email or ...RSVP on Facebook

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Nicole said...

Nick Verreos, Emerson College Fashion Society CANNOT wait to have you speak during out Fashion Week! Thank you for this awesome blog post!

-Nicole Abascal
VP of Creative, Fashion Society