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NIKOLAKI.....Nick Verreos' Vision for Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown on The Today Show

Project Runway Goes To A Royal Wedding...on The Today Show!!! Don't miss the "Today Show" TOMORROW MORNING on NBC! Why? Well, you'll get to see FIVE Wedding Gown creations by Project Runway past winners--and alumni--including ME!!! Read on...
The Blushing Royal Couple: Prince William and Kate Middleton
As you may remember, about a month ago, Lifetime TV asked many Project Runway designers--including moi--to submit fashion sketches for "their vision" of Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown. The sketches were shown on Lifetime TV's Website and generated a HUGE buzz (a little Birdie told me they received OVER A MILLION hits the day the sketches came out!). HERE was my sketch. Then, ONLY a week ago, I was contacted by the Lifetime TV Execs, to see if I would be one of the five hand-picked designers who would actually CREATE their vision of the gown, which then would be shown LIVE, on the Today Show, in anticipation of the Premiere of Lifetime's "William & Kate" movie (which debuts tomorrow night, 9pm e/p ). The other designers include Season 5 Winner Leanne Marshall, Season 6 Winner Irina Shabayeba, Emilio Sosa (Season 7) and Johnathan Kayne (Season 3). Less than a week to make a full-on Custom NIKOLAKI gown? Sure. It's "Make It Work" time! And so I did. I decided to "change it up" a bit and created a brand new gown--a little different from my original sketch. My NIKOLAKI Studio was workin' OVERTIME this past week to get it done and delivered to NYC just in time (it arrived early this morning at 2:45AM! Thank You Fed Ex Same Day Delivery!!). Here's a "Sneak Peak" at the new gown--well, in sketch form: Tune in TOMORROW MORNING, Today Show, on NBC, between 9-10AM and see my gown--as well as the other designers' gowns. *According to the latest update, the segment will be on around 9:30AM--(it was changed since, as of yesterday, the segment was going to be around 8:45AM--but as you know it's "TV Land" and changes happen!!) To make sure, just DVR/TiVo the ENTIRE show if you can, I will!!! Don't Miss the Project Runway Kate Middleton Wedding Gown "mini" Fashion Show!!!

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