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WHO WORE WHAT?.....64th Annual Cannes Film Festival: Aishwarya Rai, Rachel McAdams, Diane Kruger

Grading the Cannes Girls... Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Armani Prive Spring 2011: Well, well well, Miss Aishwarya, you are really trying to BRING IT my dear! First Elie Saab Haute Couture, and now Armani Prive Spring 2011. Both of these gowns--if she were to actually pay for them--would cost in the vicinity of $30,000-$40,000. And the former Miss World just gets them for free darlings, because she (the Armani reps hope) will say OVER and OVER again, when interviewed, that she's wearing ARMANI Prive and millions upon millions in her country will see that and hopefully buy his perfume...But besides this, she looks pretty spectacular. Simple, geometric and a great silhouette. One complaint is I think the higher part of the bustier might be a tad bit too short and I also like the original metallic fabric of the bustier better. Grade: A- Rachel McAdams in Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011: Sporty and elegant. Rachel began Cannes in an over-the-top Marchesa gown fit for a Gallery Exhibition, but now she's in a very wearable wide-legged pant ensemble with strapless bustier top. Although pants might seem an unusual choice for the RC, Rachel clearly has decided to mix it up at the festival and although she might not be getting it completely right, she certainly is getting noticed. What's also nice is seeing the NATURAL WAIST of a woman. So OVER low-slung pants. That's so 2003. I would have loved that same skinny gold belt used on the runway look. There's just "something" missing. Grade: B+ Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson: I'm in LOVE with Diane and Joshua. In. Love. Love that she's all-out Glamour and he's like "Are these the MTV-France Awards?" I'm not usually a fan of men--at big red carpet award events--trying to give "high-low". The tux and sneakers thang should stay within the "Nickelodeon Awards" circles. But with that being said, I will give cutie Joshua a pass. I couldn't find who designed Diane's gown but I will take a wild guess and say (maybe) Ralph Lauren, (maybe) Michael Kors, only because of its "Pattern 101" simplicity and clean lines. But I may be wrong. I like 'em both. Grade: A- Bryce Dallas Howard in Reem Acra: OK, before you say anything: No, she is not pregnant! So, with that disclaimer, WHY oh WHY would she chose a MATERNITY DRESS??? No. No. And No. The Empire line is way to high and should be dropped 2 inches--at least. I usually love Reem Acra and she has a BIG strong pr team backing her to show gown after gown on the red carpet. But, this one was a miss. Grade: C- Jane Fonda in Emilio Pucci: Seriously Jane. Stop It! And when I say "Stop It!", I mean KEEP GOING!!!! This woman is 73 years old. I'm sorry but I don't know many 73 year old woman who can bust out a column, form-fitting Emilio Pucci gown like this. Truth be told, I don't know many 23 year old women who could do this!!! Grade: A

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