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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Indonesia 2011

Indonesia Likes a Similar Gown...Read on...
Ball Gown Sandwich: Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills and Miss Indonesia 2010 crown Miss Indonesia 2011, Astrid Ellena
Tonight, a new Miss Indonesia was crowned. A lovely woman by the name of Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi won the title of Miss Indonesia 2011 and she will go to the Miss World pageant in London this Winter. In case you are wondering, there is a whole separate contest to crown the girl who goes to Miss Universe and that one is called Puteri Indonesia or "Princess of Indonesia". They are different franchises and different beauty pageants. One can argue, until the "bathing suits come home", which Pagaent is better---Miss Universe or Miss World--but who cares? More Gowns and more to comment on!!! Anyhow, in case you didn't know, The current Miss World, Alexandria Mills from the good ol' US of A was on hand to crown the winner. Hope the Miss World Organization flew her First Class. It's a LONG way from the Miss World Org. headquarters in London to Jakarta Indonesia!
Color Ways: Finalists of the Miss Indonesia 2011 in their colorful gowns
Now, of course what interested me where the gowns. There were ten Finalists for the crown and what was fascinating to me-- as a Fashion Designer--and "Style Watcher" was the fact that the finalists ALL wore ALMOST the SAME gown!!! But in different color ways (see photo above). There were slight detail differences, but the colorful organza "Mermaid"-shaped gowns were extremely similar. Very interesting...
Indonesian QuinceaƱera: Miss World 2010 and Miss Indonesia 2010 crown the new Miss Indonesia 2011, as other contestants look on
As you can also see in the above photo, the reigning Miss World, Alexandria Mills (on the left) wore a BIG OL' Gown--and last year's Miss Indonesia who was passing on the crown, also wore a very similar BIG OL' Gown--this time in silver. I guess, Indonesia and Indonesian beauty pageants love similarities. I guess, it makes it easy in terms of cutting, pattern-making and cost purposes. at least, all the "we-didn't-make-it-into-the-running" girls in the back had DIFFERENT gowns--Yeayyy for that!

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Anonymous said...

well, this isn't the prime pageant, the most prestigious being Putri Indonesia (the winner will go to miss universe). Mostly the gowns are provided by a designer instead of bringing their own.