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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Menswear Fashion Week: DSquared2 S/S 2012

Euro Prepster Meets Mykonos Pool Boys Meets Finnish Fishermen...Welcome to Dsquared2 Menswear Collection Spring 2012
The EuroBoy Express: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
The Milan Menswear Spring 2012 (yeah, that's NEXT YEAR!) Collections are happening right now--and so it is my duty to give my readers some of the Beefcake-y, HOT, OMG Look At His Six-Pack...Ooops, I mean, respectable Fashion Insider Two Cents on the highlights of this current season. Up first, the Dsquared2 Collection from those kooky Canadian twins, Dean and Dan Caten.
Would Like Cucumber Water: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
Now, usually, I try and stay "professional" and not be that person--when reviewing a collection--and say the dreaded "Oh I TOTALLY would wear that..." or "Oh that's soooo UGLY, I would NEVER wear that!" as we all know that's NOT THE POINT. Designers are not really showing that for YOU and YOU may not be their "market" and so on and so forth. But...I TOTALLY would wear A LOT of this Spring 2012 Collection!!!! Totally.
Thank Goodness Mommy and Daddy Left Me Some Money: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
From the moment I first saw the runway images, I pressed PRINT on my Computer Printer and now, they are on my wall as my "inspiration" for all the various "looks" I will be (trying) to give on my upcoming trip to Europe! Especially the three looks above. Even David Paul, my NIKOLAKI partner-in-crime said "Oh Dear Nick, that is SOOOO YOU!" Now, yes, A) I wish I was 6' 3" , and B) had a size 28" waist like these 19-year-old models but alas, I am not. I will, however, still somehow try and use these as a "jumping off" inspiration point. Love the cropped brightly colored pants. I would wear them. The leather sandals. Check. The Riding shoes with fuchsia pants and double-breasted jacket look. Check.
LOVE!!! probably would NEVER catch me wearing this little ensemble:
Welcome to Santorini: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection: One Question--Will I get six pack abs if I purchase these???
The boys from Dsquared2 showed their typical hot-and-sexy looks for Spring 2012, adding lots of color, some "Euro Trust Fund-er" looks as well as playing with their "Is He a Gay Mountain Climber? Or Isn't He?" leitmotif. This time around, that section was covered by Finnish-looking sons of fishermen ready to catch some fish, drink some vodka and then have a good time later...with whomever is within 5 feet of them. Whomever...
Fish and Vodka: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
Tim Blanks, of, summed up the collection this way in the introduction of his Review of the collection: Dean and Dan Caten are twenty-first-century vaudevillians, incapable of presenting a new collection without couching it in a saucy variety show. Today's revolving stage coughed up some sexy Scandinavian fisherman, a buffet of Mykonos beefcake, a couple of lower-the-temperature Roman ragazzi, a handful of droogy rockers, and Kazaky, four dizzy queens from the Ukraine whose post-Gaga get-outta-my-way-bitch shtick involved a gravity-defying dance routine performed in skintight leather pants and sky-high heels. Phew! Oh, there were some clothes shown, too. Click Below for the Videos of the Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection:

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